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Sprint kicks "unreasonable" customers to the curb

When it comes to customer service, there's only so much that Sprint can apparently take. The company promptly cancelled the mobile phone services of roughly 1,200 customers that it deemed made "unreasonable requests."

The unlucky Sprint customers received the following letter in the mail:

While we have worked to resolve your issues and questions to the best of our ability, the number of inquiries you have made to us during this time had led us to determine that we are unable to meet your current wireless needs.

Sprint claims that the customers whom were disconnected were averaging 40 to 50 calls per month to customer service representatives -- typical customers only called in once per month according to Sprint.

"These customers were calling to a degree that we felt was excessive," Sprint spokeswoman Roni Singleton told Reuters.  "In some cases they were calling customer care hundreds of times a month for a period of six to 12 months on the same issues even after we felt those issues had been resolved."

Sprint has an install base of 53 million customers, so dropping 1,200 customers is a relative drop in the bucket. In addition, Sprint is taking care of the early termination fees and last month phone bill for affected customers.

So if you're an unhappy Sprint customer and still looking for a way to bolt from your contract relatively unscathed, a new out has presented itself.

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WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By swtethan on 7/11/2007 1:57:35 PM , Rating: 2
Who has the damn time to do that?

By mendocinosummit on 7/11/2007 2:00:11 PM , Rating: 2
Angry old people

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By Hotdogah on 7/11/2007 2:00:37 PM , Rating: 3
I currently work in the CS segment. I can tell you that people do call this much sometimes to try to get credit over and over over maybe a few dollars or just because they are lonley, or just like to complain. This could very well compute to 50-100 hours on the phone in some cases in a month and I hope the rest of the indrusty follows sute like sprint. Well it could lead to problems if it goes to far these people need to be sent a message.

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By FITCamaro on 7/11/2007 2:01:30 PM , Rating: 2
Housewives. Not necessarily hot, desperate ones though.

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By GlassHouse69 on 7/12/07, Rating: -1
RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By TomCorelis on 7/11/2007 3:22:39 PM , Rating: 4
The Consumerist has a rather interesting interview with a Sprint insider regarding their booting customers:

These customers were for the most part literally defrauding our company. Not just a courtesy credit or two... We're talking customers that haven't made a payment since 2005 and still have active service. Customers who were getting better deals than our own employees get for their own personal accounts.

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By FITCamaro on 7/11/2007 3:51:46 PM , Rating: 2
I can attest to that. I worked for Sprint for a year as a phone rep. While I didn't deal with any customers like that, I heard of customers who were like that.

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By mtres on 7/11/07, Rating: 0
RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By SandmanWN on 7/11/2007 5:14:21 PM , Rating: 5
Sprint needs to get their CS issues cleared up!!

I think they just did. Now that these 1200 nuisances are gone that frees up the CS staff to handle 50-60 calls a month for people having real issues. 1200x60=72,000 freed up calls and a customer service staff that is less stressed, more helpful, and more likely to fix your problem the first time instead of making a mistake on your plan while answer yet another call from another one of these annoying bastards.

Well thats my take any way. :)

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By dever on 7/11/2007 5:29:30 PM , Rating: 3
I absolutely agree. I'm a relatively satisfied Sprint customer. I see no problem with a company saying "I'm sorry we're unable to meet your needs" and moving on. I've had a few issues over the last 5 years, but nothing they haven't cleared up fairly quickly. I'm sure there are a few bad eggs that complain just to get free services. And it certainly is valuable to know that reasonable customers like me will not be paying for other customers' incompetance.

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By Parhel on 7/12/2007 12:27:21 AM , Rating: 5
I have Sprint, and I can attest to the fact that they have far worse customer service problems than these 1200 customers. I am not exaggerating when I say that Sprint has by far the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life.

A few years ago, the company I worked for went out of business. I had my cellphone through them and they used Sprint. Since they were closing their doors, I asked for and received permission from the company to port my work cell number to my own personal account. I called Sprint and they allowed me to do this.

About a month later, they sent me a personal bill for all of my previous employer's phone lines. I called Sprint maybe 150 - 200 times before this was resolved. It went on for months. And I spoke with multiple "supervisors," a few of which went so far as to threaten me with a lawsuit if I did not personally pay for all of my previous employer's phone lines for the duration of the contract that they had been under.

That was two years ago. Since then, they have still never resolved several issues. First of all, they placed me under a two year contract which I did not agree to. They insist that I agreed to it at the time I moved my phone number, yet have consistently refused to provide evidence. "We don't have to," they say. Also, my local phone taxes are withheld for the city and state that my employer was headquarted. They refuse to fix this and charge me the taxes for my home address, which happens to be where they send the bill. In addition, my caller ID still shows up as my old company name when I dial someone.

Many, many, many times I have called and spoken with their customer service. First of all, and you can set watch to this, you will get hung up on after 5 minutes. They may place you on hold for the whole time and maybe not. They may be talking, you may be talking, but at exactly 5 minutes the call will suddenly disconnect. No kidding, this happens on at least 7 out of 10 calls to Sprint. And then, when you call back there is no record that you have called in the first place. Secondly, the average intellect of their customer service representatives is that of a high school dropout. They do not hire quality people at all.

I'm not saying that these customers didn't have it coming. I really don't know. But, Sprint has abysmal customer service. I know that customer service is bad in general, but trust me on this, Sprint is far worse than your average unpleasant experience. If you do happen to choose them as your service provider, pray that you never have any problems at all that would require you to call their support.

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By Chudilo on 7/12/2007 10:43:51 AM , Rating: 1
A few years ago, the company I worked for went out of business.

If their customer service is so terrible why are you still with them.
You know about the number portability law, you can take your number to any carrier.
Are you not still a customer because of various incentives that they have given you since then? And if so ... they have all the right to do that. they have given you the incentives to keep you happy if you're still not happy after all they've tried. Then go on your way to another carrier.
Or should they call a carrier of your choice for you?

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By Parhel on 7/12/2007 11:00:06 AM , Rating: 3
Sorry, I thought I explained that in my excessively long post. They insist that I signed a 2 year contract when I moved my number to my own account. I didn't sign or agree to a contract, as I had no incentive to do so, and they will not furnish me with any proof. I tried to cancel my service two years ago, but they wouldn't allow it.

That "contract" recently expired, but I wouldn't cancel my Sprint account at this point. I don't hate the company or anything, I just think their customer service sucks.

We are getting quite a deal in comparison with what other providers offer. Between my wife and I, we call from the US to Brazil about 1000 minutes / month. They charge $0.14/minute to either a landline or a cellphone while the nearest competitor charges $0.14/minute to a landline and $0.28/minute to a cellphone. Also, I get 15% off of my bill through work.

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By RamarC on 7/11/2007 5:16:23 PM , Rating: 2
I too have a had Sprint for years and occassionally had a billing problem. The issue (too me) stems from too many partial credits and charges when service is changed. Sometimes I'd get bills with up to 20 different things on that were charged then partially creditted this month and creditted again the next month.

Still 40+ calls to customer service in a month is ridiculous. If the customer is that upset, they should just change providers.

RE: WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH?
By ryedizzel on 7/12/2007 5:41:12 AM , Rating: 4
WTF! 40-50 calls per MONTH? WTF! Who has the damn time to do that?

Some people post on DailyTech all day, others call Sprint. ;-)

By Christopher1 on 7/12/2007 7:02:12 AM , Rating: 2
First off all, while I sympathize with Sprint's decision.... I still think it is the wrong decision, for the sole reason that they did not, to my knowledge, from reading the article make sure that the people who were calling in were calling in with unreasonable requests.

Now, what is their definition of 'unreasonable'? Expecting the network to be up almost all the time? Reasonable to me. Expecting every feature on the phone to work all the time? Reasonable.

Actually, I can't think of one complaint, even straining my brain to think of the most outrageous request (I can't really think of any)....... that would lead to me dropping someone who paid for a service from the network.

Now, I will be honest.... my parents have a cell phone that we use instead of our land line (only have it connected for 911 access), and they have never called their company to get something fixed, even though Cingular's (the company we have) service is spotty to none at certain times back where our house is.

Does not surprise me at all
By Flunk on 7/11/2007 2:16:46 PM , Rating: 4
Call Centre time is expensive. People who call in 40-50 times a month cost the company far more than the revenue they bring in. Assuming the CSRs are making $8 an hour at 20 minutes a call 40 * (20/60) * 8 = $106.67 in wages alone, not including overhead like phone lines, equipment, facilities.

So because of this many companies decide that these customers are not worth having and terminate their service. I'm surprised more companies don't do this.

RE: Does not surprise me at all
By AntiM on 7/11/2007 2:28:20 PM , Rating: 5
Yes, I don't blame them a bit. As a desktop support tech at a large corporation, it's a well known fact that 10 percent of our users generate 90 percent of our calls and problems. Some people are just too stupid, some people just like to complain about unimportant crap, and some people just seem prone to having weird problems. Maybe they have some sort of overactive brainwave activity that interferes with the flow of electrons in a circuit?

RE: Does not surprise me at all
By alifbaa on 7/11/2007 2:52:10 PM , Rating: 2
Yes, and some seem to have an uncanny ability to get an incompetent moron every time they call, not have their issue resolved, and get treated like crap in the process. (The reason why I left Sprint a year ago.)

I thought the most interesting part of the article was when they said the average customer needs to call customer service once a month. Since I moved into my home 3 years ago, I haven't had to call my electric, water/gas, internet, telephone, or satellite company at all. Why is it reasonable for me to need to call my cell phone company once a month? I think it's time we all start dropping Sprint for causing us to have excessive calls to customer service. Of course, if we did that, we'd all have to pay early termination fees.

RE: Does not surprise me at all
By elpresidente2075 on 7/11/2007 8:32:25 PM , Rating: 2
Congratulations for becoming an above-average consumer! I too have attained such status, and find it quite demeaning when I have to call customer service at a company. To imply that the average consumer would call on average least once a month is absolutely insulting! They should certainly redefine the term "average" to not include all those who have to actually make a call to their centers. That way, it would mean their average would be zero customer service calls. What a great average that is for this aspect of business!!


It's called an average for a reason. And yes, for the above-average consumer, CSR's are generally "incompetent morons". Keep in mind the types of people/problems they generally deal with though... there isn't a very vigorous hiring process for these positions.

RE: Does not surprise me at all
By Parhel on 7/12/2007 2:06:19 PM , Rating: 2
Personally, I blame Rockstar Entertainment for the poor quality of customer service in the world today.

By yacoub on 7/11/2007 5:39:13 PM , Rating: 5
One thing this CLEARLY demonstrates is how one-sided the 'contract' is that you sign to get cellphone service from the provider.

Basically they can cancel your service for any reason where as you are obligated to keep the contract. How an industry has been allowed to make such one-sided favorable agreements is a story of idiot consumers at their best.

RE: well
By yacoub on 7/11/2007 5:45:19 PM , Rating: 3
See what happened is the first time the providers tried to get away with charging you -exorbitant fee- for ending your service with them, the consumer didn't go "wait, WHAT?!" they went (in the voice of the Warcraft peasant) "duh okay where do I sign?". People just accepted the shaft willingly.

If the provider board meeting gets especially rowdy they may decide future contracts should obligate them to foreclose on your home and bang your wife/husband as part of your cancellation charge and you know what, plenty of people would still sign up because they are DUMB.

Which just makes me want to work for a provider because hey if they want to part with their money and their rights so easily, I might as well get in on the action.

MOST are not calling 40-50 times a month...
By Marlin1975 on 7/11/2007 3:26:02 PM , Rating: 4
Most don't call 40-50 times a month. It has been shown that is you call and have to be transfered that every time you are transfered it counts as a new call.

So if there was a problem with your bill, not that it ever happens at sprint, and you get transfered 5 times then you are in the system for 6 calls. The first one and then 5 trans. Now what if they don't fix the problem you have to call back and as such it begins again.

Sorry but I had sprint years ago. I called for the 3rd time once about a bill and was told "I see you have called 12 times now...". needless to say I did not. And on the 3rd call, the REAL 3rd call, my bill was finally fixed.

By darkpaw on 7/11/2007 5:20:25 PM , Rating: 2
Thats pretty interesting, cause I don't think I've ever called Sprint and not been transfered at least twice. I've always gotten any problems I've had addressed, but never by the first person to answer.

Sprint service.
By tigerman81 on 7/12/2007 1:07:43 AM , Rating: 2
My personal experience with Sprint ....

I had Sprint service for over two years ending 4 months ago. I went online and applied for a line and was accepted and received my phone a week later. For the entire two years I used the service I never had any problems whatsoever regarding billing, dropped calls, or anything like that. At two points during the service time period I switched phones, one because I ruined the first one, and the second because someone gave me a brand new smartphone. Both of my calls to Sprint were very professional and helpful and I got service switched to the new phone within 10 minutes including the walkthrough and everything. I would have given those calls a 9.9 out of 10 because I don't believe in perfection.

About 5 months ago I made the decision to switch to Cingular ONLY because Sprint did not offer good coverage in the area that I travel to everyday for work. Most of this area is in rural parts of the state I live in. My phone is part of my business and I needed to have it working. Inside the coverage area the calls were crystal clear with no drops. When I called to cancel the rep was very nice and of course she tried to keep me with the service. I explained to her the situation and told here I was 100% satisfied with the service that I had received and that I didn't really want to leave the carrier but they just didn't have towers in the places I needed them most. I also told her I would have no problem coming back to them at some point in the future if my situation changed and I no longer needed remote rural coverage.

I guess the point of my post is to say that I personally didn't have any problems with Sprint, in fact I liked them. The only thing I didn't like about Sprint is for some reason I could not take my number with me when I moved to Cingular. I didn't really want to make a number of calls to them to work that issue out so I just got a new number since it was easy for me to update my number with all my business and personal contacts.

Now as far as the cancelation issue is concerned. Having worked in a Customer Service call center myself for a number of years I know first hand just how dumb, demanding, rude, and otherwise crazy that people calling these numbers can be. On average more than half of the calls I took were people of this nature, wanting something that they didn't really deserve and so on. It was for that reason that I quit that line of work. I can tell you I was over qualified for the work I was doing having multiple degrees in the computer field, so I wasn't one of the "moron" reps that have been discussed. I admit there were a number of people around me in the center who were though.

The simple question that I propose is... If you are so unhappy with the service, why in the world would you want to stay with the company? I mean if I go to McDonald's everyday and they keep messing up my order what incentive do I have to keep going back there? There are tons of other places I could go. In the realm of wireless carriers many places across the U.S have at least two carriers available in their area. I say if you don't like it, don't use it and move on.

RE: Sprint service.
By room200 on 7/12/2007 9:45:01 AM , Rating: 2
The simple question that I propose is... If you are so unhappy with the service, why in the world would you want to stay with the company? I mean if I go to McDonald's everyday and they keep messing up my order what incentive do I have to keep going back there? There are tons of other places I could go. In the realm of wireless carriers many places across the U.S have at least two carriers available in their area. I say if you don't like it, don't use it and move on.

Because you're bound by the contract, and who the hell wants to pay an early termination fee?

RE: Sprint service.
By SmokeRngs on 7/12/2007 1:05:51 PM , Rating: 2
Because you're bound by the contract, and who the hell wants to pay an early termination fee?

If the service was lousy and I wasn't getting my money's worth out of it, I would in a heartbeat.

Why would you keep giving more and more money to a company that you despise? Unless you are right at the end of your contract, it's unlikely you would pay more in cancellation fees than you would for the remaining time of the contract.

The cancellation fees are also based partially on the subsidizing of the phone you more than likely received through them. Keep that in mind for the total cost of your service.

My time and a lack of frustration is worth a lot more than a cancellation fee. I'm amazed so many people don't see it the same way. Not everyone can easily afford a cancellation fee up front, but in the long run it's probably cheaper.

By Emryse on 7/11/2007 8:51:39 PM , Rating: 3
I was a loyal Nextel customer from 2002.

I was disturbed when Sprint purchased Nextel in 2004.

I was not surprised when in a recent customer service reviews the results ranked Sprint as the number one WORST customer care provider.

I left Sprint/Nextel this year; my decision was based exclusively on the perhaps 10 total calls in over 5 years I've ever made to Sprint/Nextel (3 of them the month after I left, see below for details) because each time I found my experience to include the following elements:

1.) Same exact elevator music; same incredibly awful weed-like automated menus where speaking to an actual person is available only after you have removed one of your own wisdom teeth and the automated system has recorded and verified your agonizing screams of pain (along with last four of your social security number).

2.) Same hierarchal structure of 15 front-line representatives; each of them stating: "I'll need to put you on hold and have my supervisor speak to you about this issue because Sprint / Nextel doesn't empower me to do anything to actually help you and I'm too busy inaccurately documenting your issue to further confuse anyone who tries to assist you the next time you call because we didn't get it right the first time."

3. All of the resulting problems from the above point.

Okay, now that might be my biased point of view - with regards to Sprint / Nextel's action in this case: they do have IMO the right to terminate their provision of services to anyone whom they so choose, as long as it's not a "hate crime" associated justification.

Where's my real problem? Contracts and termination fees, without question! This is a much larger issue than just Sprint or any ONE wireless company provider.

I seriously have a problem with the 1-2 year agreements; yet conversely on the other hand if you select a "pay-as-you-go" plan, you sacrifice on options, features, or benefits.

When will a wireless company realize that if they simply offered their plans without any agreements whatsoever and without changing or reducing the benefits of said plans, it stands to reason they would clearly emerge as the leader? Logically, this would equal more money to create a better product, which would result in even more subscribers, yielding even more profits... and so on (of course I’m thinking long-term survivability, not short term profits – which is typically the exact opposite of the $10 M CEO who is looking to maximize short-term gains in his options before he retires in 3 years).

You see, with contracts and termination fees out of the way, now I have the power to vote with my hard-earned dollar. That would most certainly solve a lot of customer service issues for many of the wireless carriers, as they watch their customer bases dwindle.

Oops... I almost forgot; that would also mean wireless companies would have to attempt to be truly "competitive" and probably result in a price slashing war, which would create a substantial reduction overall in the cost of wireless services for the consumer. (Clearly Intel/DAAMIT/NVIDIA have shown how horrible that trend is for advancing technology and the availability of options both in quality and prices.)

Ultimately, I recognize that I am on the short end of this stick; my cell phone (along with gasoline) is an essential component in the maintenance of my desired lifestyle. I often wonder if I would have more success asking OPEC to disband. In any case – I’m not happy with wireless carriers on the whole, and although I thought it completely impossible, Sprint managed to drop yet another notch to the negative on my approval scale (which clearly didn’t seem to bother them one bit when I left).

By FS on 7/11/2007 11:09:23 PM , Rating: 2
I was not surprised when in a recent customer service reviews the results ranked Sprint as the number one WORST customer care provider.

case of mistaken identity

customers must have thought the reps were located in India, Pakistan, or the Philippines etc.

Sprint sucks.
By Denigrate on 7/11/2007 2:29:35 PM , Rating: 1
In Wichita, KS anyway. I had them for a couple years, and would not recomend them to anyone. They had extremely unhelpful CS, and its a crock of crap to extend your contract an extra TWO years because you make a change to service.

With ATT now, and I have had NO dropped calls in over a year of using them.


RE: Sprint sucks.
By Denigrate on 7/11/2007 2:33:34 PM , Rating: 1
Forgot to add above that I had a hard time even getting a signal with Sprint. Sometimes in spots where I had no problem getting a signal minutes before. I had more dropped calls than I care to remember when with Sprint.

I think Cell service really depends on the community. Different providers have better coverage in different places.


RE: Sprint sucks.
By inthell on 7/11/2007 4:18:57 PM , Rating: 2
i dont really like Sprint myself but I can understand why sprint wants to dump them i know i would.

can they become customers again?
By kattanna on 7/11/2007 2:56:07 PM , Rating: 2
i wonder if they will also go the extra bit and actually ban these people from becoming a customer again?

there ARE people who dont deserve to become customers again

Don't bame em
By Nik00117 on 7/11/2007 3:22:51 PM , Rating: 2
I work at a store and when we get nit picky customers we don't like them...

I work at a BK and some of the complaints we get are just like "WOW!?!?!" thats really stupid...

I bet the 1,200 poeple they did ban would call at least once.

O and I call my ISP very rarely. My last conversation with them was a 4 e-mails about possibliy of getting a bigger pipe.

By Omega215D on 7/11/2007 5:19:30 PM , Rating: 2
On the news they said if you have any questions you would have to call customer service if you have an issue about this. =D

I find it odd that slashdot made it seem Sprint would do it after 25 calls which is far less than 40.

Customers can be a problem too
By vzemployee on 7/11/2007 5:37:12 PM , Rating: 2
Anyone who has worked in CS sees these customers regularly. Sure, every company will make a few mistakes. But, I wager that a majority of the dropped customers deserved it.

Customer service and phone service are NOT SOCIAL SERVICES.

By das mod on 7/11/2007 6:00:30 PM , Rating: 2
some letters included a footer with the following text


look at it in a positive way...
now you're free to open up a contract with AT&T and get
the iPhone you so much longed for

Time to sue
By shabby on 7/11/2007 6:42:06 PM , Rating: 2
Watch those 1200 customers sue for breach of contract :)

About time
By Siamesefighter on 7/12/2007 2:48:05 AM , Rating: 2
I think that's great, there comes a time when the customer is not right. On the flip side, in some cases a company might not be able to provide nominal service, and they should own up and let the customers walk away from the contract.

Nothing wrong with this
By DOSGuy on 7/12/2007 6:18:07 AM , Rating: 2
I used to work in a call centre for a major cable/internet/wireless company. When I was in training, the trainer warned us that we would eventually get a call from "Linda".

Linda had been declared mentally incapable, and the first note on the first page of her file stated that only her court-appointed representative was authorized to make changes on her account. She was on page 120 when I got my first of three calls from her. She and her husband called at least 3 times a day asking to add or remove a channel, and many agents she talked to wouldn't read the note and would make the change. When an agent would tell them that we couldn't change the services without Susan's permission, they would sometimes claim that Susan was dead, or Linda would call right back and claim to be Susan. We were told that every call we received cost our company $10, so we were spending $900 a month to provide her with $60 of services.

We used to beg management to cancel her service, but they brushed us off. One day Linda called one of my co-workers and said she was switching to satellite, and he made no attempt to retain her. Word spread throughout the call centre, and it got a laugh from everyone who heard the tale. Most businesses in the services industry take huge losses on a small number of their customers, and are afraid to terminate their service for one reason or another. I know that Linda and her husband were disabled through no fault of their own, but no company should be expected to lose $10,000 a year to a problem customer. It is absolutely reasonable to cancel a customer's service under these circumstances.

I hope that other companies will follow Sprint's lead. I still hold shares of my former employer's business, and I know that there are other Lindas who are costing the company 10 times what they make off of them, and management is too embarrassed or afraid to do anything about it. Customers have a right to receive courtesy and respect from their cable company, and it works in the other direction, too. Agents were allowed to hang up on customers who refused to stop swearing or being abusive on the phone. Customers have a right to be angry when something isn't right, but customers who are abusive or abuse the company's generosity can and should be denied service.

By Aeonic on 7/12/2007 1:12:40 PM , Rating: 2
Damn these losers for making me actually side with Sprint on something :/

I hope I don't get the boot
By Darthvoy on 7/11/2007 4:20:29 PM , Rating: 1
I currently have the sero plan which includes 500 minutes, unlimited night and weekends, free unlimited internet data and text messages for $30.00. I also get a 24% discount because of my school. So I pay roughly 32.00 a month for all that. Anyways, I am very impressed with Sprint. The internet is fast. All my calls are very clear even in the rare occasion that my phone has one bar for signal.

By ilkhan on 7/11/2007 10:44:46 PM , Rating: 1
Seriously people who would complain about ETFS are idiots.
In this instance they are waiving the ETF.

In general, the ETFs are within $50 of the subsidy on your phone. If you dont want a contract, dont sign. Pay the extra $150-$200 for your phone, and stop bitching. You want a free phone? Deal with the ETF. That phone in your pocket didn't cost $0-50 to produce. The carrier is subsidizing your purchase. Im always amazed at the people who expect to get something for nothing when they lose their $200 toy within 3 months of buying it. At least spring has an upgrade available after a year, lessen the blow :rolleyes:

Sprint DOES have a no contract purchase available, but you pay full price for the phone and the plan sucks.

Alternatively, get the contract, throw the $200 in your savings account, and dont worry about the ETF. If you dont need to break out early, you've just paid for your next phone. If you do, no big deal, you've got the money already ready to go.

By FITCamaro on 7/11/07, Rating: -1
RE: Yes....
By secretanchitman on 7/11/2007 2:11:36 PM , Rating: 2
sprint has the best deal for data right now. SERO has unlimited text, power vision, nights and weekends, roaming, picturemail, readylink, nights starting at 7PM, and 500 anytime minutes for 30 bucks.

RE: Yes....
By h0kiez on 7/11/2007 2:33:10 PM , Rating: 2
^^Isn't it great...

I email them from time to time and ask for a free perk, credit off my bill, etc. and they're usually extremetly friendly and it actually works a lot of the time. I consider myself to be a pretty annoying customer, but I call them only a handful of times a year and email them maybe once of twice a month. I can imagine how bad some of these people had to be to get booted.

They've got tens of millions of customers, and for them to boot only 1200, I gotta think they all earned it pretty well.

As for booting soldier's in Iraq or Afghanistan who "roam too much", that's another thing altogether...and not worth the hit they're taking in the press for it.

RE: Yes....
By Fusible on 7/11/2007 2:22:36 PM , Rating: 2
I've had Sprint, and AT&T for short while. But I kept having alot of dropped calls. Now that I'm with Verizon I rarely get any dropped calls.

RE: Yes....
By h0kiez on 7/11/2007 2:36:16 PM , Rating: 2
Everyone and their mother has a story like this...only you can substitute basically any carrier for any other one depending on where you live. That's why we have to watch the innane commercials that say Cingular (ATT) has the fewest dropped calls...and the ones that say Verizon has the country's most reliable network, etc. It's been proven in studies time and again that no one carrier has an uber-network that is leaps and bounds better than the others.

RE: Yes....
By FITCamaro on 7/11/2007 2:53:50 PM , Rating: 3
I've actually gotten dropped calls with Verizon for no apparent reason. And also have gotten times where I've tried to make a call during a normal time and have gotten "All networks are busy". I understand getting that after a major hurricane (as we did in Florida) but getting that at 5pm on the way home was odd.

It might be my phone though. I get some weird behavior with it. Lately I've started having it tell me "Unauthorized charger" when I plug it in using the charger it came with. I'm thinking about getting a new phone when I can. It's a good little phone with excellent reception, call quality, and battery life, just has some weird little, demon possession quirks to it.

RE: Yes....
By Vanilla Thunder on 7/11/07, Rating: -1
RE: Yes....
By FITCamaro on 7/11/2007 3:54:28 PM , Rating: 1
The article had a sentence right after the last sentence (at least it is now) that said something along the lines of "Perhaps to switch to a new iPhone with AT&T".

They obviously removed it. Next time I'll quote it.

RE: Yes....
By slacker57 on 7/11/2007 4:52:41 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, I can vouch for you on that. They changed the last paragraph/sentence in the last few hours, probably because this is supposed to be a news item and not a blog post, so making a sarcastic comment about using this as a loophole to get out of a sprint contract and into an iphone was not a good way to maintain objectivity.

Sprint s***s
By OxBow on 7/11/07, Rating: -1
RE: Sprint s***s
By GmanMD on 7/11/2007 7:15:38 PM , Rating: 2
Look, I've had Sprint cellphone service for years...and they are far from "the best" and I've had my billing issues in the past, but how can you be angry at Sprint for poor service in your area, when NO ONE else even HAS service in your area. Yeah, it stinks to have crappy service, but it appears that it is that or nothing.

As for the people who got booted - no problem. However, these companies have created these demons. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" as they say. How about rewarding good, loyal customers who don't create problems for them. Hmmm, there's a thought. They are so interested in getting new customers, because all their old customers leave because of great incentives from other carriers to switch.

RE: Sprint s***s
By elpresidente2075 on 7/11/2007 8:35:30 PM , Rating: 2
How about rewarding good, loyal customers who don't create problems for them.

What an interesting idea! I wish they would at least try that tactic, to see how it goes...

"So, I think the same thing of the music industry. They can't say that they're losing money, you know what I'm saying. They just probably don't have the same surplus that they had." -- Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA

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