The promotion will run from April 4 - May 8

Sprint is taking a page from the T-Mobile playbook and will now pay for new customers' early termination fees (ETFs) if they decide to switch to Sprint.

According to Android Central, Sprint will pay up to $350 in ETFs for every line that switches from another carrier to Sprint. All you have to do is take a picture of your final bill, send it to Sprint, and it will send a Visa card with cash on it.

But unlike T-Mobile, Sprint is only offering this for a limited time. The promotion will run from April 4 - May 8.  

Sprint also announced that Framily plans will be offered at Best Buy in addition to Sprint stores.

Back in January, T-Mobile announced that it would start paying up to $350 per line in ETFs if customers decided to switch to T-Mobile. This is an ongoing offering though, not a promotion. 

T-Mobile has also made other industry-changing offers, such as free roaming for unlimited international text and data.  

Other carriers are clearly trying to play "catch up" with T-Mobile, as seen here by Sprint. AT&T has even cut prices a bit, but it was reported that T-Mobile's Q4 contract cost was one-third the amount of Verizon's.  

Source: Android Central

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