Sprint CEO Dan Hesse
"Voice is still the killer app" -- Sprint CEO Dan Hesse

Sprint has been offering what it calls HD Voice in a few markets around the country. HD Voice service promises to significantly improve call quality since it supports seven octaves of the human voice while normal voice calls can only support four. That means you can hear more of the nuances of your conversations just as you would if you were in the same room.
Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was recently at the Oracle Industry Connect Conference where he delivered a keynote speech. During his speech, he confirmed that Sprint would be rolling out its HD voice service nationwide starting in July.
"Some of you may have experienced [HD Voice], we've launched in a few markets," said Hesse. "We'll launch the entire country around the first of July."
Hesse also talked about his company's plans for Spark LTE service at the conference. He said that Sprint could get more range out of its 2.5GHz LTE TDD spectrum using eight transmitters and eight receivers in one box. Hesse also said that combing that tech with carrier aggregation could give Sprint 120MHz of spectrum in the second half of 2015.
"That's two big channels of 60MHz," he added. "We're talking 18 months away."
Once that update is applied, Hesse thinks that download speeds for devices could be in 150 to 180 Mbps range. 

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