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Our sources say that the HTC Incredible could land at Verizon within weeks. It's comparable to the Nexus One, and appears to lead slightly in a couple of areas and trail in a couple of others.  (Source: TechTree)

Sprint, meanwhile, announced that it will soon be offering the Nexus One on its speedy network.  (Source: World in One)
Android soldiers ahead with plenty of high profile deployments

Lawsuits from Apple?  No problem! Google is looking at a dynamite couple of months with some high profile Android releases on the horizon.  

Leading the way is the HTC Incredible.  
DailyTech spoke with sources at Verizon, who confirmed that the HTC Incredible was supposed to begin to arrive at Verizon Wireless stores in two weeks.  That would make sense as Verizon just announced that it was beginning a test deployment of Android 2.1 to the Motorola Droid smart phones, the same OS that would presumably be powering the Incredible.  

Android 2.1 brings improved pinch-to-zoom in the browser, better voice-to-text support, animated wallpapers, and tweaks to Google Maps.  Droid launched with Android 2.0 last November and in December received a minor bump to Android 2.0.1 via an over-the-air update.

The Verizon-carried HTC Incredible could steal the show, though, perhaps being the slickest Android handset to date.  According to reports, the phone will have a 1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon ARM CPU and 512 MB of DRAM, just like the Nexus One.  Unlike the Nexus One, however, the CPU will be underclocked to 768 MHz (watch out for an Apple patent on that one).  While that may 
sound like a bad thing, it should be more than enough speed to run most apps, while helping to providing longer talk time than the Nexus One.

The phone also has a better camera than the Nexus One -- an 8-megapixel camera with a noticeably larger lens.  The camera makes it just slightly thicker than the Nexus One, measuring in at 117.5 x 58.5 x 11.9 mm.  It is rumored to come packed with a 6 GB of flash (much more than the 512 MB on the Nexus One), a microSD expansion slot, and an FM tuner.  The battery is a pretty run-of-the-mill 1300 mAh.

Big Red's decision to carry the new HTC Incredible could indicate that it's considering waiting on the Nexus One for the time being (though other reports indicate that it might not be long before it jumps on board as well).  Sprint, on the other hand is racing to deploy the Nexus One on its powerful 3G network.

The Nexus One handset is the result of a close collaboration from Google and HTC, which goes beyond Google's standard Android involvement.  The handset is currently available on T-Mobile and AT&T, direct from Google.

Sprint aired that it would soon be announcing official release dates and pricing.  Fared Adib, Sprint vice president of product development states, "Nexus One is a powerful device that belongs on a powerful network. This is another step in our continued partnership of innovation with Google.  Sprint customers already have the option of two amazing Android devices with Samsung Moment(TM) and HTC Hero(TM). It is a natural fit for us to add Nexus One to the list of choices available for Sprint customers who want the best value in wireless with the best in Android." 

He adds, "While a pricing plan has not yet been determined for Nexus One, we are confident that it will be consistent with Sprint's commitment to deliver more value than our competitors and keep pricing simple.  Right now, our Sprint Everything Data 450 plan with Any Mobile, Anytime
(SM) gives customers unlimited calling with any mobile phone in America, unlimited text and unlimited Web for just $69.99 per month - the same price AT&T and Verizon charge for just unlimited talk. Our Everything Data plans include unlimited GPS Navigation at no extra charge and annual phone upgrades with Sprint Premier."

It looks like the major U.S. networks besides AT&T have largely given up on the Apple iPhone and are aggressively moving ahead on the deployment of new Android headsets.  The next iPhone, set to air this summer, could see a substantial challenge from the Nexus One on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile; and the HTC Incredible on Verizon.

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Missing Imagination
By PorreKaj on 3/17/10, Rating: 0
RE: Missing Imagination
By inighthawki on 3/17/2010 5:37:05 PM , Rating: 2
Spitting out new models faster that one can keep up.

well that can be a good thing, so long as there's a level of compatibility between similar models...

RE: Missing Imagination
By Gio6518 on 3/17/2010 6:34:39 PM , Rating: 2
me personally not intrested in the nexus one on sprint i'd rather wait for the Supersonic thats around the corner

RE: Missing Imagination
By lightfoot on 3/17/2010 5:49:08 PM , Rating: 5
Marketing passed on both the "HTC Mundane" and the "HTC Boring" even though those names might have been just as descriptive.

RE: Missing Imagination
By TheRequiem on 3/17/2010 5:55:26 PM , Rating: 2
So for $99 I can get EVERYTHING on a Nexus One with Sprint?

Bye Bye Iphone...

RE: Missing Imagination
By fic2 on 3/17/2010 6:09:50 PM , Rating: 2
No. For $70 you can have EVERYTHING on a Nexus One with Sprint.

RE: Missing Imagination
By Strk on 3/17/2010 7:41:33 PM , Rating: 2
Well, I think he's also including unlimited anytime minutes. I suppose some business types might need that, but with unlimited mobile to mobile on any network, it's almost unnecessary.

RE: Missing Imagination
By Gio6518 on 3/17/2010 6:31:47 PM , Rating: 3
Bye Bye Iphone...

not just because of this but AT&T also getting Nexus One

until now AT&T hasnt carried android phones, droids are hot and apple is luke warm, the droid alone has outsold iphones can imagine what all the android phones sold

RE: Missing Imagination
By TheRequiem on 3/17/2010 7:16:09 PM , Rating: 2
Your missing the point, SAME phone, CHEAPER plan!

RE: Missing Imagination
By Gio6518 on 3/17/2010 7:40:32 PM , Rating: 2
Your missing the point, SAME phone, CHEAPER plan!

no i understood thats one reason why ive been on sprint for a couple years now, AT&T way too expensive on sprint you get it all for half the price of an iPhone on AT&T, me and my iPhone parted ways a while back, and havent missed it at all

RE: Missing Imagination
By biggsjm on 3/17/10, Rating: -1
RE: Missing Imagination
By Gio6518 on 3/17/2010 7:36:42 PM , Rating: 4
There are 30 million iPhones sold (around 10 million in the US).

since june 29 2007

I don't have numbers for the DROID but its certainly not more than 1 million

click the link over the first 74 days droid sold 1.05 million comparred to iphone 1.00 million while the nexus one 0.135 million (not worth mentioning) but that is probabally due to the network

your statement is utter bunk.

so its not utter bunk, check facts before you post your comment please THANK YOU

RE: Missing Imagination
By Chaser on 3/18/2010 8:18:29 AM , Rating: 1
Ok both of you need to "check your facts" a little here. Droid outsold the iPhone comparatively for the first 74 days since the DROID was released in November 2010.

I own a DROID. TOTAL sales the DROID doesn't even come close to the iPhone to date.

The question is is will DROID sustain its sales numbers or will sales numbers begin to die as these newer and in some cases more powerful Androids come to Verizon.

RE: Missing Imagination
By omnicronx on 3/18/2010 4:23:40 PM , Rating: 3
I think you are missing the point here, sales to date is completely irrelevant unless both phones have been sold for the same period of time.

Using the first certain amount of days on the market is a well known benchmark.

Of course this discounts alot of other variables, the iPhone for example created its own hype, while the Droid and other smartphones released after the iPhone have certainly piggybacked on their success. i.e when the iPhone was release, the smartphone market was minuscule compared to today, making the 1 million in 74 days much more impressive.

RE: Missing Imagination
By dwalton on 3/17/2010 8:01:02 PM , Rating: 2

"the devil is in the details"

Units sales alone don't tell the whole story. In the first 74 days the iphone generated somewhere between 500-600 million in sales while the Droid generated ~200 million. The reason the iphone sold for $499-$599 while the Droid sold for $200 (both with contracts).

While I think the Google's Android is arguably a better OS, I really don't understand why its always turns into a Iphone versus Android pissing contest. Android's success hasn't been about the general consumers liking the Android OS more than the Iphone. Its been about the fact you have one OS that costs $0 to license and openly available to all carriers versus an Apple OS tied to Apple hardware tied to AT&T.

The average consumers doesn't know much, if at all, about the Android OS, while you have to be totally oblivous to technology to not know about the iphone. I think one can easily make the argument that the Android based smartphones' biggest selling point is getting a "iphone" like phone without getting AT&T like service.

If Apple adopted Google's profit model and unhindged its OS from its hardware and licensed it for free, the next biggest smartphone from every US carrier not named AT&T would Iphone based. Under that scenario, the android OS would likely be the smartphone version of linux. A great OS that favorably compares to any other OS but has a very limited marketshare.

Luckily, Apple maintains such a restrictive profit model as it benefits us all as consumers because we get to choose from 3 or 4 (if winmo 7 is able to compete well) different cellphone OSes which all in the future will have pretty broad support. I think this where the focus should be not "ohhh I got copy/paste and multitasking and you don't".

RE: Missing Imagination
By Jalek on 3/17/2010 10:21:19 PM , Rating: 2
All these new model releases, new carrier programs... and Apple's got nothing.

Nobody'd leak anything even if there is a new iPhone coming, they wouldn't want to fall out of a window in Beijing.

RE: Missing Imagination
By crystal clear on 3/20/2010 4:23:23 AM , Rating: 1
Stolen brand names & maybe even patents (thats for the courts to decide).

Nexus- Integra Telecom has used the Nexus name as far back as 2008.

Google was denied a trademark application for the Nexus One's name.

Andriod- Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, later filmed as Bladerunner.

Philip K Dick challenged the Nexus name on the grounds that it was used for the androids in Dick's most famous book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, later filmed as Bladerunner.

HTC Incredible - Stolen from the marketing brand name of " Incredible India "

Where is the creativity & imagination....just everything copied or better said "stolen".

What more ! soon the courts will decide if they are stolen technologies.

Google will have to pay millions in the end to get permission to use these brand names & technology patents.

Google entry into smartphone business will end up becoming a financial disaster.

RE: Missing Imagination
By porkpie on 3/20/2010 8:41:57 PM , Rating: 1
First of all, trademarks for meaningful words (words which appear in dictionaries) such as "Android" and "Nexus" are restricted only to the particular product(s) to which the trademark is applied. If you trademark "Android" for a cellphone, you cannot prevent someone from calling a new car or soft drink by the same name.

Secondly, Philip K. Dick didn't challenge anything; he died decades ago. His estate challenged Google, in a suit widely considered frivolous. Why? Firstly, books are copyrighted, not trademarked (a vast difference), and even if PKD's estate held a trademark on the word "Nexus", it wouldn't deal with smart phones.

HTC Incredible - Stolen from the marketing brand name of " Incredible India "

Where is the creativity & imagination....just everything copied or better said "stolen".
Maybe my sense of humor is broken, but I hope you're joking with this.

RE: Missing Imagination
By deputc26 on 3/17/2010 6:47:08 PM , Rating: 5
It will be an incredible phone. I was playing with an iPhone the other day and it was incredible. I own a droid running 2.1 at 1.2ghz and it is incredible. Most high-end smartphones are pretty incredible.

More power to HTC.

RE: Missing Imagination
By MadMan007 on 3/18/10, Rating: 0
RE: Missing Imagination
By redbone75 on 3/18/2010 8:37:17 AM , Rating: 2
Lay on the sense of humor pills.

RE: Missing Imagination
By tallcool1 on 3/18/2010 2:09:47 PM , Rating: 2
"I still got time..." - The Incredibles

RE: Missing Imagination
By ians55 on 3/18/2010 2:58:05 PM , Rating: 2
When you call something "Incredible" people will expect an incredible phone

Or incredible price.

Blue is the new green?
By superflex on 3/17/2010 5:36:33 PM , Rating: 5
The blue nail polish fits you to a tee.

RE: Blue is the new green?
By fic2 on 3/17/2010 5:52:17 PM , Rating: 2
I was thinking "Man Hands" from Seinfeld....

RE: Blue is the new green?
By chagrinnin on 3/17/2010 7:44:01 PM , Rating: 2
He/She needs to shave/pluck the back of his/her thumb. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :P

RE: Blue is the new green?
By MadMan007 on 3/18/2010 6:02:26 AM , Rating: 2
You need to be less of a metrosexual if you think guys need to pluck their fingers.

RE: Blue is the new green?
By chagrinnin on 3/20/2010 9:07:59 AM , Rating: 2
I agree, why would a guy pluck his fingers? Maybe if you paint your fingernails blue and pretend to be a female hand model,...I think you'd be more convincing if you removed the hair from the back of your hand,...and pulled that stick out of your butt/vagina.

RE: Blue is the new green?
By snakeInTheGrass on 3/17/2010 10:02:51 PM , Rating: 3
Haha - I was totally thinking of George being a hand model and how they really could have used one here. The picture is sort of an anti-sales image of the phone when held like that. Not that my hand would look better... uh... not even with blue nail polish, but then again nobody's using my hand to show the phone off either. :)

HTC Incredible vs HTC HD2
By MobileDolphin on 3/17/2010 8:23:33 PM , Rating: 2
This looks like a throttled and much uglier HTC HD2:

I just took a look at the HD2 two days ago. The T Mobile rep had just received his that day. It is the nicest phone next to the iPhone that I have seen. Of course it runs Windows 6.5 which is a dead end. With Windows Phone 7 or Android 2.1+ on it, along with the fully utilized 1GHz Snapdrogon this is going be a great phone.

The "Incredilbe" is the Junior Varsity version, and it looks ugly relative to the HD2. The face of the Incredible in the photo looks like a weird stack of skinny pancakes. The HD2 looks and feels right in the hand and to the eye.

RE: HTC Incredible vs HTC HD2
By DigitalFreak on 3/17/2010 10:11:25 PM , Rating: 2
Microsoft has already said that the HD2 will NOT be getting any type of Windows Phone 7 upgrade. So unless you hack it, it's not going to happen.

RE: HTC Incredible vs HTC HD2
By MobileDolphin on 3/18/2010 2:57:47 AM , Rating: 2
Yes I know, and in large part as I understand it, it is because the current button layout will not be compatible with Windows Phone 7. I am talking about the basic layout and guts of the Incredible and the HD2. They both seem very similar to me, much like a Mercury Mountaineer and a Ford Escape.

RE: HTC Incredible vs HTC HD2
By AmbroseAthan on 3/18/2010 9:53:45 AM , Rating: 2
As someone posted above, Sprint will be getting the HTC Supersonic. From the specs that have been leaked and some leaked photos/video, it seems to be a slightly remodeled HD2, but with Snapdragon and Android (same 4.3" screen).

Personally I was excited to see the Nexus One coming to Sprint until I realized Supersonic was. Was hoping the HD2 was going Sprint before they announced it to T-Mobile, and looks like Sprint might now be getting a better version of it!

By Murloc on 3/17/2010 5:40:55 PM , Rating: 2
you use that word a lot I noticed.

RE: soldier
By Xenoterranos on 3/18/2010 12:48:12 AM , Rating: 2

RE: soldier
By dxf2891 on 3/19/2010 11:39:54 AM , Rating: 2
I don't think that means what you think that means. Vasili.

By ElderTech on 3/17/2010 6:10:30 PM , Rating: 1
How about Boost Mobile for the Nexus One? At $50/mo for everything it would be terrific! Hopefully within a year that's where we'll be.

RE: Boost?
By DigitalFreak on 3/17/2010 10:10:08 PM , Rating: 3
Don't they use Nextel old-ass IDEN network?

RE: Boost?
By zombiexl on 3/18/2010 12:49:11 PM , Rating: 2
Yes they do, and its pretty well over loaded at this point. My one customer has an app I wrote running on nextel devices and they are constantly having issues. We ran all sorts of tests and then finally started contacting sprint. Sprint has confirmed network issues almost every time.

The Nexus One handset
By crystal clear on 3/20/2010 3:41:24 AM , Rating: 1
Yes the handset is alive (for the moment - No guarrantee it will long enough) but the name NEXUS is dead for Google !

Why ?

Google was denied a trademark application for the Nexus One's name.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected Google's application for the rights to the Nexus One name due to a "likelihood of confusion" with a trademark for a related telecommunications device.

Integra Telecom has used the Nexus name as far back as 2008.

Philip K Dick challenged the Nexus name on the grounds that it was used for the androids in Dick's most famous book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, later filmed as Bladerunner.

Read this-

The Nexus One was dealt another blow on Thursday, as Google was denied a trademark application for the smartphone's name, while manufacturer HTC promised to fight back against accusations that they had infringed upon patents held by iPhone manufacturer Apple.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected Google's application for rights to the Nexus One name last week, due to the "likelihood of confusion" with a previously approved trademark for a related telecommunications device, the AFP reported on March 18, citing as a source an earlier Wall Street Journal report. The trademark in question is held by Oregon-based Integra Telecom, in reference to their Nexus fixed-bandwidth T1 service.

Attn- Google !

Your entry into the smarphones business will be a financial disaster !

Get ready to pay up a lots of money for everything from the brandnames (Nexus to Andriods) to patents claims.

Luckily you dont have to search for money, you have plenty of search/advert revenues to pay from.

RE: The Nexus One handset
By crystal clear on 3/20/2010 3:48:41 AM , Rating: 2
Wow ! the comment gets rated down the moment its posted.

Just as D.T. can rate down comments,commentators should have the right rate up/down articles posted on the site.

Anyway my ratings dont really bother me.

RE: The Nexus One handset
By crystal clear on 3/20/2010 4:07:38 AM , Rating: 2
I am sure the ratings (ratedown) the articles will get, will even beat Pirks & Reader1.

Sprint SERO
By fic2 on 3/17/2010 5:53:42 PM , Rating: 3
I certainly wish Sprint would allow us cheap SERO people to get a Nexus One.

Who copied whom?
By redbone75 on 3/18/2010 9:54:17 AM , Rating: 2
I love how Apple is all up in arms accusing HTC of copying the iPhone design when, to me at least, it seems all of HTC's current models, and even the iPhone itself to some extent, seems like an obvious evolution of the TYTN/8525's design.

Hmmm..., let's compare:

Large screen dominates the design? Check.

Bottom of the front of phone reserved for operational buttons? Check. Now, Apple will argue that they have the "revolutionary" home button, but... child please! Again, bottom of device reserved for operational button/s? Check.

Side(s)/top of device reserved for dedicated operations (power, hold, volume)? Check.

Now, given all this, also take into account the TYTN/8525 pre-dates the iPhone by a year... I'm just saying.

Wrote a script to check
By tekguy82 on 4/8/2010 3:15:42 PM , Rating: 2
I am so sick and tired of refreshing that google website to determine if Nexus one is on verizon. I wrote a little VBScript to do it for me lol

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