WiGig and VESA working together on spec  (Source: WiGig)
WiGig and VESA are working together on the specification

Today, cables abound for home theaters and computer use. We have cables that connect peripherals, cables that connect displays to video cards, and cables that connect Blu-ray players to TVs. The mass of cables behind desks and entertainment centers is common all around the world. There are several wireless products on the market that will send video wirelessly between devices, but those often use proprietary technology.

The WiGig Alliance and the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) have announced that they have an agreement in place to define the next generation of multi-gigabit wireless DisplayPort capability. At the same time the specifications are being developed, the two groups will also develop a certification program for wireless DisplayPort products. The resulting specification will allow makers of displays and other hardware to integrate a universal wireless connectivity system into hardware that will work together regardless of the brand.

“WiGig technology is a perfect match for DisplayPort since it provides the multi-gigabit bandwidth, packet architecture and bi-directional I/O capabilities needed to support the DisplayPort v1.2 feature set and beyond,” said Bruce Montag, VESA chairman. “Wireless DisplayPort will enable new connectivity options in a wide range of devices, from lower-power handhelds to tablets, notebooks, monitors, projectors and HDTVs. We are thrilled to begin defining the specification and certification program for wireless DisplayPort products.” 

The WiGig Alliance announced the feature completion of WiGig version 1.0 A/V and I/O protocol adaption layer (PAL) specifications. The specifications are expected to be published in early 2011. The specification was developed specifically to support PC peripherals, HDTVs, monitors, and Projectors. The spec also supports HDCP 2.0 and works with the transmission of compressed and uncompressed video. The I/O PAL will define high performance wireless of common computer interfaces over 60GHz and allow multi-gigabit connectivity between two devices.

“AMD recognizes the growing trend for wireless display connectivity in consumer electronics. We joined WiGig to contribute our display expertise to the organization, and to help the Alliance deliver innovative solutions that can meet new market demands in a timely manner,” said David Cummings, director, Technical Marketing, AMD Graphics Business. “With the momentum behind this innovative wireless technology and the potential we see in the organization, we view the WiGig Alliance Board of Directors position as strategic and are eager to help lead the organization’s efforts.”

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