Sony thinks small with the world's lightest notebook

While most of the news surrounding Sony has been negative here of late, we've got some pretty exciting notebook news to bring you from the Japanese giant. The company is introducing its new Vaio G series which brings a wealth of features to the ultra-portable notebook scene.

The carbon fiber-shelled Vaio G weighs in at just 1.98 pounds (without optical drive) and bucks the trend of widescreen displays that have pretty much taken over the notebook industry. Instead, the notebook uses a 12.1" XGA screen. The Vaio G features the Intel 945GMS Express can accept mobile Celeron processors or your choice of a Core Solo U1300 or U1400. As far as features go, the usual suspects are represented including 802.11g, Bluetooth, PCMCIA, multi-card reader and fingerprint reader support.

Sony is also making available a version of the Vaio G with an integrated multi-DVD burner. This version also comes backed with a 6-cell battery which bumps battery life from an already amazing 6 hours to an almost unbelievable 12.5 hours. This also pushes the weight of the notebook to 2.52 pounds.

The notebooks will launch in Japan on December 2 with the base model ringing in at just over $1,800 while the upgraded model with optical drive and 6-cell battery will set you back $2,100.

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