Sony's Ken Kutaragi
$499 and $599 is "probably too cheap"

Adding more fuel to the PlayStation 3 fire, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) president Ken Kutaragi is not only defending the PS3's high price of entry, but he says that it's not expensive enough. The PS3 is priced at $499 for the basic version with a 20GB hard drive, no HDMI output, no WiFi and no media reader. The $599 version comes with a 60GB hard drive and all of the trimmings.

Kutaragi goes on to explain his position concerning the price of the PS3, "For instance, is it not nonsense to compare the charge for dinner at the company cafeteria with dinner at a fine restaurant? It's a question of what you can do with that game machine. If you can have an amazing experience, we believe price is not a problem."

If $499 and $599 is considered to be "too cheap," then it would be difficult to detemine what seems reasonable as XBOX 360 costs under $300 and the Nintendo Wii may retail for a mere $200.

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