Sony says report of Lenovo involvement is innaccurate

Sales of traditional PCs are definitely slowing, and there are a number of reasons cited for the downturn. Some place the blame on Microsoft for its poorly received Windows 8.x operating system. Others, however, point to the rise of tablets and our reliance of smartphones for the movement away from PCs.
Sony is one of the PC manufacturers currently suffering in the soft PC market, and is getting dominated by fast-moving competitors like Lenovo. Now, reports are indicating that Sony is looking to offload its poorly performing PC unit to investment firm Japan Industrial Partners for about $490 million.

The investment firm that is in talks to buy the PC arm of Sony will reportedly establish a new brand and Sony will own a small stake in that brand. The selloff of the PC operations would reportedly result in a net loss for Sony for the first time in two years for the year ending March 31.
Lenovo is also reportedly in talks about a joint venture that would take over Sony's business overseas. Sony has said the report by NHK having to do with Lenovo was inaccurate, but said it was looking into “various options” for its PC division.

Sources: Reuters [1], [2]

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