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Xperia L  (Source: Sony)

Xperia SP  (Source: Sony)
Xperia SP and L to land in Q2

The last big announcement we heard from Sony on the smartphone front was during CES 2013 when it showed off the Xperia Z smartphone. Sony is back this week with the announcement of two mid-range, Android-powered smartphones that fit into the Xperia line: the Xperia SP and the Xperia L.

The Xperia SP uses a high quality 4.6-inch HD Reality Display featuring technology from the company's Bravia TV line. The smartphone also uses the Bravia Engine 2 for a better viewing experience allowing it to automatically adjust the image on the screen for optimal quality.

The Xperia SP also features one-touch functions using NFC technology for displaying content on the TV or sharing with other devices. The device supports 4G LTE connectivity and has a "transparent element" that allows the user to personalize changing colors on the phone notifying of incoming calls or messages. That "transparent element" can also pulse to the beat of the music.

Other features include an eight-megapixel camera and a special Stamina mode to extend battery life. The phone will be offered in white, red, and black colors at an undisclosed price.
The other smartphone is the Xperia L, which uses a 4.3-inch FWVGA resolution display. It also has integrated NFC technology and uses a dual-core processor.

The rear camera on the smartphone has eight-megapixel resolution and is designed to take images quickly no matter the lighting conditions. The L will come in white, red, or black colors. Pricing on the phone is unknown.
Both the SP and L smartphones will be available globally in Q2.

Sources: Sony [1], [2]

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S, SL, L, TX, Z, SP...
By geekman1024 on 3/18/2013 10:15:42 PM , Rating: 2
I think Sony's model naming is making me dizzy...

RE: S, SL, L, TX, Z, SP...
By CZroe on 3/18/2013 11:20:06 PM , Rating: 2
Better than my Xperia PLAY 4G (R800at) also being known as Zeus, R800i, R800a, R800x, "PlayStation Phone," etc.

I will never buy another Sony Ericsson phone after this experience. They promised all kinds of features that simply were not there, they never fixed or acknowledged anything that needed to be fixed, and they canceled the PROMISED ICS update that convinced me to buy it (blatant bait and switch).

On top of all that, 512MB NAND (only a fraction of which was available/free) and a single core SOC in late 2011 was unforgivable. I was surprised to see microSD support in a Sony product though.

Xperia SP..
By piroroadkill on 3/21/2013 5:02:43 AM , Rating: 2
Is very compelling. A good blend of specs and size at what will probably prove to be the right price point.

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