SmartWatch 2 promises up to four days of use per charge

Sony has announced that the SmartWatch 2 has launched in the United States at an official price of $199.95. The watch will be available at online direct from the Sony Store. Sony also notes that other online retailers will carry the smartwatch as well.
Key features of the device include a display that is readable in bright sunlight and the ability to pair with Android smartphones running version 4.0 of the operating system and later (unlike the $300 Samsung Galaxy Gear which requires Android 4.3). The watch supports one-touch NFC pairing to Android smartphones allowing users to check text messages, calendar events, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

The watch is water resistant carrying an IP57 rating and can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 min. The SmartWatch 2 has multiple strap options including stainless steel, brown leather, black leather, and five silicon colors. The watch uses a standard 24 mm thick strap mount allowing you to using just about any strap out there.
Sony equipped the SmartWatch 2 with a power efficient processor resulting in roughly 3 to 4 days between charges under normal usage conditions. The watch can access over 80 optimized apps along with 200 other apps thanks to backwards compatibility with apps designed for the original SmartWatch.

Source: Engadget

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