Sony’s new SF-S50G Wireless Speaker is scheduled to arrive in mid October.

Sony has developed its own wireless smart speaker which it announced earlier this morning at IFA. This smart speaker will run Google Assistant and will join a line of other speakers that have Google built it.

The Sony SF-S50G Wireless Speaker, will be in direct competition with other smart speakers including the upcoming HomePod smart speaker by Apple. SF-S50G features a single full-range driver that fires up into a two-stage diffuser to produce 360-degree sound. That driver is augmented by a dedicated subwoofer firing down into the same diffuser to reproduce bass frequencies.

The specs for the new speaker are still under wraps, but a spokesperson said it can comfortably fill an average-sized room with sound (defining “average” as a 25x16-foot living room or kitchen).

This speaker has a bit of protection by way of water-repellant materials on the casing. The device has an IPX3 incursion rating which notes protection from water sprays up to 60°. It would be great if this device had a level of dust protection as these speakers usually sit in a location for extended periods of time.

Like most smart speakers, SF-S50G allows to you play and control music from a range of services with a simple "Ok Google" command. As you might expect, you can also ask for weather updates, traffic info and more. You can also control other smart home devices such as lights and thermostats.

You can setup the Sony smart speaker using the Google Home app to connect the speaker to your home network. Also, you can use also SF-S50G as a Bluetooth speakerphone when paired with your smartphone. The speaker will also respond to gestures for starting music playback, controlling the volume, and skipping tracks.

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