New camera will launch in September

Sony has unveiled a new digital camera that fits into its interchangeable lens series. The camera has the looks of a Sony D-SLR unit, but isn’t actually a D-SLR. Sony describes the a3000 as an entry-level interchangeable lens camera combining the capability of a more expensive D-SLR in easy-to-use package.

The camera features a 20.1-megapixel Exmor APS-C HD CMOS sensor, electronic viewfinder, and uses the Sony E-mount lens mounting system. Lenses are available for that mount system ranging from telephotos to wide angles and everything in between. The camera also has a large rear LCD offering Live View capability.

The camera is capable of recording full HD resolution video and large image sensor that allows the camera to be more sensitive to light. The electronic viewfinder promises 100% field of coverage making it easy to frame shots. The camera has easy-to-use controls including full manual mode and 15 different Picture Effect settings.

Those Picture Effect settings include Retro Photo, Miniature Camera, Partial Color, and others. The camera also has a Multi-Interface Shoe terminal on top allowing users to accessories including flash, video lights, and microphones. Sony says that the a3000 will be available in early September.

The camera will sell for about $400 including a black 18-55 mm zoom kit lens when it debuts early next month. 

Source: Sony

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