The 60GB PlayStation 3 stands tall and proud
Both Sony consoles get just a little bit better

Sony has released new firmware updates for both its PlayStation 3 console and PlayStation Portable handheld. The PS3 gets bumped to version 1.70, which now enables the console to play original PSone software bought from the PlayStation Store previously only playable on the PSP. Save data for the PSone can now be used on the PSP.

Currently, the PlayStation Store lists only classic titles for download to PSP, though with the weekly update to the store due to hit tomorrow, PS3 support may be soon added.

Also new, and perhaps one of the first budding fruits from the Immersion settlement is the enabling of vibration force feedback when using PlayStation and PlayStation 2 accessories with the older generation games.

Other evidence of the return of rumble can be seen in the recent update to Gran Turismo HD, a free download for PlayStation 3 owners via the PlayStation Store. Version 1.20 of the concept game features support for force feedback steering wheels – something that hard core GT fans have long missed until the recent update.

The PSP is also getting a firmware update to version 3.40, which is said to add expanded support for PlayStation Network titles, though no specifics were mentioned in the release notes. Also changed is the method of managing game certificates.

"People Don't Respect Confidentiality in This Industry" -- Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO Jack Tretton
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