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Device will play games, streaming video, and surf the web

Sony has announced a new game system in Japan called the PlayStation Vita TV. The device is a very small game console measuring 6.5 cm x 10.5 cm, making it the smallest PlayStation platform to connect to the TV. The device uses the same chipset and system software as the PS Vita portable game console.

The small game console is designed to allow users to view streaming content on the big-screen TV and play any PS Vita game. That means there will be over 1,300 software titles available for the PlayStation Vita TV when it launches on November 14. Supported Japanese-centered video services include Tsutaya TV, niconico, and Hulu. Digital content from PlayStation Plus membership services can also be enjoyed on the PlayStation Vita TV.
In other words, think of it as an Apple TV that can actually play games.

When the PlayStation Vita TV launches, it will be available in a console-only package (roughly $100), or a “Value Pack” which includes the console, a DualShock 3 controller, and an 8 GB memory card (roughly $145).

In addition to gaming and streaming video, the PlayStation Vita TV will also have a web browser, e-mail, and voice/chat text features. The device will also support PlayStation 4 remote play and DualShock 4 controllers via a system software update in the future.

Under the hood, the PlayStation Vita TV uses the same hardware as the PS Vita including an ARM cortex A9 quad-core processor and a SGX543MP4+ GPU. Sadly, it only sport 720p, 1080i, and 480p -- 1080p need not apply.
Although this release is geared for the Japanese market, a U.S. announcement should be coming shortly.

Source: Sony [PDF]

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By quiksilvr on 9/9/2013 12:25:43 PM , Rating: 5
I have to say, that is a brilliant idea. This will save households hundreds of dollars. I can't begin to tell you how annoying it is to have two kids fighting over a console. You'd end up buying another one (and re-buying games, etc., etc.).

RE: Brilliant...
By Brandon Hill on 9/9/2013 12:35:22 PM , Rating: 3
How much do you want to be that Apple announces a new software update for the Apple TV in the near future that supports iOS games and will allow you to use an iPhone or iPod touch as a controller...

"This changes something something.... again"


By Rage187 on 9/9/2013 2:41:42 PM , Rating: 2
I'm about to make my first foray into Sony land with the PS4. I want this day one...

RE: Gimme
By Samus on 9/9/2013 3:49:49 PM , Rating: 2
Ditto. I skipped the PS3-generation but I'm excited for the PS4. I absolutely hated my XBOX 360. Paying annual subscriptions and inevitably being banned for "modding" my consoles DVD-ROM drive firmware to run homebrew has guaranteed I will never give Microsoft's XBOX division a cent ever again.

The PS Vita TV is a really good idea. I had a PSP-1000 years ago and it was a great portable, but rendered useless just a few years later when they discontinued UMD's.

I'm surprised how well Sony kept this a secret. What a surprise this must be to Microsoft. This little console holds a lot of potential, especially for remote-play, essentially giving you a PS4 in every room you have the Vita TV.

Just brilliant.

RE: Gimme
By StevoLincolnite on 9/9/2013 7:51:55 PM , Rating: 2
Paying annual subscriptions

You will have to pay for annual subscriptions with the Playstation 4, for mundane things such as Multi-player.

inevitably being banned for "modding" my consoles DVD-ROM drive firmware to run homebrew

Sony does the same thing! :P

Seriously, if you want free online and the ability to mod your platform... Why not jump to the PC? You get better graphics, cheaper games, mod your games and hardware to your hearts content... List goes on.

Grab yourself an nVidia shield and you get your remote play.

"I f***ing cannot play Halo 2 multiplayer. I cannot do it." -- Bungie Technical Lead Chris Butcher

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