GT6 will support the PlayStation 3 and launch in time for the holiday season

Of all the driving and racing games available on the Sony PlayStation game consoles, the most popular have easily been in the Gran Turismo franchise. Sony's press team has noted that 10 million copies of the fifth game in the franchise have been sold to date. Sony also notes that the Gran Turismo franchise is the most successful franchise on the PlayStation console with over 70 million copies sold.
Along with these tidbits about the popularity of the Gran Turismo franchise comes news that the sixth game in the franchise is due in time for the Holiday 2013 shopping season on the PlayStation 3.

The game promises new levels of authenticity and several new tracks and cars along with a revised user interface. The game will operate on a new compact game engine designed to improve operation and increase flexibility allowing it to work with downloadable content.

Sony also says that the game will get expanded connectivity with other devices including smartphones and tablets as well as improved social and community functions.
When Gran Turismo 6 launches, it will have 1,200 cars with new cars continually added online. The game will also feature several thousand aerodynamic parts and custom wheels for almost every car in the game and players will be able to customize their vehicles to the greatest level ever offered in the game.

The game will have 33 tracks total with 71 different layouts available (including 19 brand-new layouts). Sony will add new tracks regularly to the game via the online service. The game will also offer an improved course maker functionality with scenery spanning tens of square kilometers.
The game will be unveiled at E3 later this summer.

Source: Joystiq

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