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Sony will offer PS3/PSP games like "LittleBigPlanet" free of charge as part of the "Welcome Back" appreciation package  (Source:
Customers who patiently awaited the networks' return will receive a few perks

The PlayStation Network (PSN) and Qriocity's nearly month-long absence has caused quite a stir in the gaming/music community, but Sony is looking to make it up to players by offering the "Welcome Back" appreciation package.

The PlayStation Network offers online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery while Qriocity offers a streaming music service as well as e-books and video-on-demand services. On April 20 of this year, both PSN and Qriocity went offline where millions of users' personal information and even credit card numbers were lost in a major security breach. Sony reported the breach on April 26. 

For weeks, Sony consumers waited for PSN and Qriocity to return, and it finally did on May 15. But for some, May 15 wasn't soon enough. Frustrated PS3 owners in the UK and around the world started trading in their consoles for Xbox 360's and even changed pre-order titles from PS3 to Xbox 360 versions.  

Sony, realizing that it is in hot water with a lot of angry customers, has come up with a solution to reward loyal customers who patiently waited for the network to return. The solution is the "Welcome Back" customer appreciation program, and it is only available to existing registered PlayStation Network and Qriocity users in the U.S. and Canada.  

The customer appreciation package allows all PSN customers to select two of the following PS3 games 30 days after the service is fully restored, and can be kept forever: "Dead Nation," "inFAMOUS," "LittleBigPlanet," "Super Stardust HD" and "Wipeout HD + Fury."

In addition, PSP owners can download two of the following PSP games 30 days after the network is fully restored, and can be kept forever: "LittleBigPlanet," "ModNation Racers," "Killzone Liberation" and "Pursuit Force."

But that's not all. Sony is also offering a free selection of rental movie titles over the period of one weekend, 30 days of free PlayStation Plus membership for non PlayStation Plus customers and 100 free virtual items. For existing PlayStation Plus subscribers, customers will receive an extra 60 days of free service, and for existing Music Unlimited Premium Trial subscription members, an additional 30 days of premium service will be offered. Also, an extra 30 days plus time lost will be given free of charge to Music Unlimited Premium and basic members.  

The "Welcome Back" customer appreciation package will be made available after the service has been fully restored. Sony is also releasing separate appreciation packages for Europe and Latin America. 

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Looking forward to it
By FITCamaro on 5/17/2011 8:23:54 AM , Rating: 3
Never bought LBP or Infamous. Look forward to playing them.

RE: Looking forward to it
By erwos on 5/17/2011 9:25:24 AM , Rating: 3
Me neither. At least it's an incentive for me to get back on the firmware train.

RE: Looking forward to it
By DEVGRU on 5/17/11, Rating: -1
RE: Looking forward to it
By FITCamaro on 5/17/2011 4:54:55 PM , Rating: 1
You owe them some money for stealing the icons on two of their buttons.

But seriously. I love trolls like you who act like they were purposefully negligent. Shit happens. Don't like it or the risk? Don't play.

RE: Looking forward to it
By Samus on 5/17/2011 2:25:09 PM , Rating: 2
Speaking of firmware train, they've kept quiet on their legal strategy against the modding community. After all, this is the genesis of Sony's network issues. If they don't change their stance, hackers will continue to target them. They should quietly do what Microsoft did and just ban consoles, not sue people.

We all know how suing people leaves a lasting salty impression on the public and what it can do to your profits, ala RIAA.

Sony, don't alienate your customers.

RE: Looking forward to it
By Hiawa23 on 5/17/2011 10:24:14 AM , Rating: 2
wasn't interested in Infamous, or any of the others, but for free, I am down. PSN being down for the last couple of weeks really hasn't affected me all that much as I primarily use my PS3 for Bluray & single player, exclusive games. Don't really like the way PSN is setup so I rarely play online, but was dieing to get on & play Socom4. I say good for Sony for trying to make things right. My credit card hasn't seen any hits, & I only use it for Xbox Playstation & Wii purchases so it's easy to track if my security has been violated. I am not one to knock Sony as anyone can be hacked as there are crooks at every turn, just glad for everyone the system is back up & running, now I can get back to my porn downloads.

RE: Looking forward to it
By BZDTemp on 5/17/2011 7:19:50 PM , Rating: 2
Get LBP as one of the titles - it is a really sweet game and a very original one.

RE: Looking forward to it
By Hiawa23 on 5/17/2011 10:32:55 AM , Rating: 2
I hear alot of gamers complaining about having to wait a few weeks for PSN being down & not being able to get online, then want Sony to compensate them for the down time. PSN is free, so really what money are you out of, & although it was unfortunate this happened, really, do some have no lives other than online gaming 24/7 that you feel violated not being able to get online & play games for a few days?

RE: Looking forward to it
By Aloonatic on 5/17/2011 10:51:37 AM , Rating: 2
Well, people might not have to pay anything on a monthly basis for PSN, but there is no such thing as "free", it gets paid for in one way or another. When people paid for their PS3, part of the deal was that they got PSN included at no extra cost.

I kinda get where you are coming from though. What the real world "value" of the PSN being down is debatable, and probably not worth whatever this compensation scheme is offering. In saying that, how much it is really costing Sony is questionable too. Even going by shop/on-line prices (not trade ins) these games are old and could probably be picked up cheaply. LBP is only £8.50 on Amazon.

As for feeling violated for not being able to play on-line for "a few days"... I think that you are being a little dramatic in your assessment of how people are feeling, while underplaying the length of time that the PSN service has been down.

At the end of the day, people bought their PS3s expecting to be able to use them as was agreed at the time of purchase. Personally, I don't really play on-line much, but some people do and to go without it for a few weeks is a fairly big deal. I don't know what you favourite hobby or pass time is, but if you had paid someone money so that you could do it, and then someone told you that couldn't for 2, 3 or 4 weeks (ignoring the other issues involved) through no fault of your own, then I'm sure that you would be a little annoyed too.

RE: Looking forward to it
By Hiawa23 on 5/17/2011 2:18:53 PM , Rating: 2
I get what you are saying & agree with some points. I bought my PS3 at launch back in 2006, yes I expect to get online but mine was also out for the 3plus weeks like everyone else, this allowed me to do other things & get caught up on the huge backlog of 360 games, but I get what you are saying.

RE: Looking forward to it
By snowpoke on 5/18/2011 10:05:40 AM , Rating: 2
I don't think that the compensation package was created solely for the purpose of making up the lost psn downtime. Remember that all of your information, name, address, DoB, etc.. as well as the possibility of all your credit card information has been compromised. I think the CA package was intended to be a generous gesture of goodwill to sway those who lost their trust in Sony to at least take another look back before walking away.

RE: Looking forward to it
By Aloonatic on 5/18/2011 11:44:53 AM , Rating: 2
Yes, I know that there are other issues involved, that's why I said "ignoring the other issues involved". Not too clear though, granted :o)

I tried to keep this thread simple, and just about the point that the OP was making.

RE: Looking forward to it
By Akrovah on 5/17/2011 11:06:52 AM , Rating: 2
I think the issue is not so much that people are out money, because obviously the majority of them are not, it is the loss of personal info. This could have serious consequenses down the line. The hacker got enough info that it is feasable they could open up an account fo some kind under one of the victim's names, ruining thier credit.

If the hackers got credit cards then the situation is even more serious, and since Sony has not been able to confirm one way or another on that we must assume the worst case scenario. I think these users have every right to demand that Sony some how "make it right." The identity theft protection is, I think, adequate. It certainly is for me (not saying I'm not going to take the free stuff though, LBP was ridiculously fun but I never actually picked it up) but I don't speak for everybody.

RE: Looking forward to it
By Reclaimer77 on 5/17/2011 11:20:04 AM , Rating: 3
I hear alot of gamers complaining about having to wait a few weeks for PSN being down & not being able to get online, then want Sony to compensate them for the down time. PSN is free, so really what money are you out of, & although it was unfortunate this happened, really, do some have no lives other than online gaming 24/7 that you feel violated not being able to get online & play games for a few days?

PSN went down on the very day that a huge title was released, Portal 2, which has a very fun and new online mode. I can tell you that was the cause of much angst.

And it wasn't a few days, it was like 2 weeks!

RE: Looking forward to it
By MozeeToby on 5/17/2011 11:53:16 AM , Rating: 2
PSN is free, so really what money are you out of[?]
PSN isn't free, PSN is included in the licensing costs that the game makers pay to publish on the PS3 and in the cost of the console itself. And those costs get passed on to the consumers. Having the PSN down for a month reduced the value that users could get out of their systems for that month, not to mention damaging Sony's credibility.

In point of fact, given many of the rumors floating around about Sony's continued bad security practices, I'd rather they left the system down until they can guarantee the security of my information. I know that until I hear better things out of the company my new CC number will not be entered on the PSN.

Incredible deal
By bug77 on 5/17/2011 10:31:16 AM , Rating: 2
So they "lost" all your info, including CC number and you get two games in return. Which you may keep forever!
Gosh, I wish I were a Sony customer now.

RE: Incredible deal
By Bonesdad on 5/17/2011 6:25:34 PM , Rating: 2
is anyone sure yet if they got CCs? I haven't heard that.

RE: Incredible deal
By snowpoke on 5/18/2011 10:12:06 AM , Rating: 2
I doubt that Sony will actually release whether or not the CC information was taken and decrypted, and just assume that their 1 million dollar credit card coverage will suffice.

And to the OP.. Imagine how much money it costs Sony to offer not just one title for free, but TWO, and you get to choose them from a variety of FIVE. (different for PSP)
Perhaps you're too used to getting things for free in life, but such an offer on Sony's behalf is something I'd be prepared to classify as company suicide. It's like Hyundai all over again.

Welcome Back Suckers!
By Lord 666 on 5/17/2011 8:21:54 AM , Rating: 3
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RE: Welcome Back Suckers!
By Denigrate on 5/17/2011 10:01:23 AM , Rating: 2
Gotta love Henry Rollins. Saw him the day after 9/11 and he freaking rocked!

For EU Peeps
By Aloonatic on 5/17/2011 8:30:03 AM , Rating: 2

It looks like a pretty similar deal to the US & Canada except for the odd game:


Wipeout HD/Fury
Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty
Dead Nation*

* For the German market, InFamous and Dead Nation will be replace with Super Stardust HD and Hustle Kings in the selection of PS3 games.


LittleBigPlanet PSP
ModNation PSP
Pursuit Force*
Killzone Liberation*

"For the German market, Pursuit Force and Killzone Liberation will be replaced with Everybody’s Golf 2 and Buzz Junior Jungle Party in the selection of PSP games. Killzone Liberation will not offer online gameplay functionality."


It's better than nothing I suppose, but they were always going to offer older games and the odds are that if you wanted, them then you'd have bought them already. So haw much real value there is there I'm not so sure.

By Sunagwa on 5/17/2011 10:08:56 AM , Rating: 2
It would be nice to know when this will be available. I mean they have made us wait this long because of there incompetence and they still don't know when there service is going to be up?

I gotta say this is a much better I'm sorry package then the free year of credit protection. Though the value will depend upon weather you own any of these games already or even find them interesting enough to want.

It's fine for me because I've wanted to try infamous for a long time and LBP looks like it could be fun. Still, they should expand the list to provide more options.

The damage is done. There going to take a huge financial hit no matter how they handle this from here on out. This is a great step to luring people like me who actually benefit from it back but I still feel they could do more to attract a wider audience.

One more thing, too
By ShaolinSoccer on 5/17/2011 6:07:42 PM , Rating: 2
Sony is giving a free 45 days for their MMO's. Free Planetside for 45 days! Woohoo! Almost makes me wish Sony gets hacked more often lol...

By trisct on 5/18/2011 5:46:56 PM , Rating: 2
Sony Store has been offline for "maintenance" for a while now. Not a very good incentive package if they don't open the store. Maybe their infrastructure broke under the load, but I doubt it. System software downloads fine, but the freebies are being held out of reach.

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