Sony takes the Lotus philosophy and adds lightness
Sony's modern-classic PS2 goes on a diet

With the PlayStation 3 feeling $100 lighter as of yesterday morning, Sony is also lifting some weight of from the venerable PS2. According to Japanese publication Nikkei Business Daily, by way of IGN, Sony is releasing a new hardware revision of the slim-line PS2.

The new model will appear to exactly the same as the current slimmed model, with the only distinguishing characteristics a new designation code of SCPH-79000 and lighter weight.

The main console hardware itself for the SCPH-79000 model drops in weight from 900 to 600 grams, and the system’s AC adapter falls from 350 to 250 grams.

Nikkei reports that the system’s considerable weight savings were achieved by Sony reducing the number of parts inside the machine. The more efficient hardware revision is also suspected to cost less for Sony to produce, giving the company even greater flexibility to drop the price.

Despite the release of the PlayStation 3 last year, the PS2 remains a strong seller for Sony, even outpacing the newer console. Recent console sales figures place PS2 sales ahead of both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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