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Xperia Z is waterproof up to 3 feet

When it comes to innovation in the mobile electronics space, Sony was once at the head of the class. Now, however, not many people think of Sony as an innovator or a maker of must-have mobile products. That honor usually is bestowed on wares from Apple and Samsung.
However, Sony is looking to get back some of its mojo back and proudly displayed its latest Xperia "superphones" at CES. The Xperia Z and Xperia ZL both use a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor running at 1.5GHz, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage (plus a microSD slot), 5" 1080p display (443 ppi), a 13MP camera with HDR video capabilities (thanks to its Exmor RS image sensor), and a front-facing 2MP camera for video conferencing.

Xperia Z
The Xperia Z takes things a step further by being waterproof at depths up to three feet for up to 30 minutes (it meets IP55 and IP57 military specifications). It features an all-glass construction that brings back "shattering" flashbacks to the iPhone 4/4S.
The Xperia ZL has a smaller footprint (LxW) than the Xperia Z, but is 0.08 inches thicker and forgoes the all-glass construction for a matte plastic finish. The Xperia ZL also includes a physical shutter button that the Xperia Z had to ditch to maintain its waterproof capabilities, and an IR blaster so that you can use the phone as a universal remote.

Although the Xperia Z is supposed to launch during Q1 2013, we don’t have any information on pricing. Likewise, the Xperia ZL will have a more limited rollout and we don’t know if it will even make it to the United States.

Source: Sony

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Am I the only one...
By EasyC on 1/8/2013 7:44:06 AM , Rating: 3
Who thinks people aren't going to be as eager to jump on the huge cell phone bandwagon. My hands aren't small (I can palm a basketball), and even I think 4.7" is pushing the realistic limit of cell phone screens. I would still like to be able to use my phone with one hand. It seems like manufacturers are eager to race up the size chart. I'd love to find a nice powerful phone with a great quality 4.5" screen rather than having to buy 4.7-5.x" just to get the the faster SoC's....


RE: Am I the only one...
By retrospooty on 1/8/2013 8:07:47 AM , Rating: 2
No, you arent the only one. Some people like smaller phones. However, most do not. Large screen phones 4.5 - 5 inch phones are selling more than anything else, because people like them. These even larger phablets are selling well tool The Note2 just hit 10 million. I think I am good at the 5 inch 1080p limit myself, but that is just me.

Why larger screens? With all that todays high end smartphones do, to put all that great functionality on a tiny little screen is just a waste. What little functionality you may lose by going from say a 4 to a 5 inch screen is gained 10x over in useability, visibility, higher res, higher DPI and my GOD man, they are so beautiful.

RE: Am I the only one...
By seamonkey79 on 1/8/2013 8:21:15 AM , Rating: 3
Not sure... I'm loving my Note 2, can still very easily use it in one hand and reach every part of the screen, and my hands aren't really all that large. The extra size makes it perfect to replace the tablet that didn't get much use because it didn't have always present net connection (Nexus 7 WiFi) and I don't really use the phone as a phone much anymore, so the goofiness of using it next to my head isn't an issue. The giant battery makes my Rezound seem pathetic in retrospect, though I really liked the phone itself.

Different flavours for different people :-)

RE: Am I the only one...
By GulWestfale on 1/8/2013 8:40:16 AM , Rating: 2
i'm in the same boat as seamonkey... bought a nexus 7 a few months ago, then went from a 3.3" sony xperia ray to a 4.5" galaxy SIIx. yes, reaching the top left part of the screen with my right thumb is hard, but i'm using the phone much more than i'm using the tablet, simply because it's always connected. and i kinda regret not having opted for the note...
on a related note: does anyone wanna buy a lightly used nexus 7?

RE: Am I the only one...
By RufusM on 1/10/2013 11:42:14 AM , Rating: 2
This right here. I've held off getting a tablet completely because my phone's 4.5 inch screen is great for everything I would use a tablet for, plus it's always with me and internet-connected.

RE: Am I the only one...
By AnnihilatorX on 1/11/2013 10:31:52 AM , Rating: 2
You guys did notice the original OP said he wants 4.5", which most of you guys are prising, but not 4.7"-5"?

RE: Am I the only one...
By AnnihilatorX on 1/11/2013 10:32:27 AM , Rating: 2
arg, praising*

RE: Am I the only one...
By kmmatney on 1/8/2013 4:11:04 PM , Rating: 2
I'm an iPhone user, and prefer iOS over Android (and I've used Android quite a bit, all versions) but unless Apple comes out with something a LOT bigger, I'm getting a Note III. 2 years ago, I laughed at the thought of a 5" phone - now I want a 5.5" one. My iPhone 4S has served me well, but I want a bigger screen - its that simple. I think Apple will continue to lose customers if they don't give some larger screen options - the iPhone 5 was an improvement, but not nearly enough.

RE: Am I the only one...
By mutatio on 1/21/2013 4:51:59 PM , Rating: 2
You've just summed up the problem with the "bigger is better" mentality with smart phones. The fact that you're not using the phone capabilities on the Phablet(?) at hand should indicate how the form is impeding its function. This reminds me of folks who are uber into gaming laptops. Will they get you by on the go? Yes. Would you rather be gaming on a desktop system with a much more liberal thermal envelope affording the ridiculous power you get from desktop components along with a proper gaming keyboard? Yes. This is why we will likely never have any takers to go into a gaming tournament with a laptop over a desktop system. Even on a 10" tablet I can only do it for so long for general use. I end up getting antsy for the greater freedom that comes from a desktop OS. You can talk yourself into that larger screen phone/tablet/etc., but you can't deny the inherent limitation of what you're using.

RE: Am I the only one...
By Omega215D on 1/8/2013 4:18:37 PM , Rating: 2
Depends on how much bezel there is. The HTC Droid DNA hides its size pretty well and is not as big as many of the critics claim it is. Of course I have moderate sized hands so the phone may not fit everyone.

The Note II is kind of pushing it but there are people out there who feel just as comfortable with such a large phone as there are those wanting sub 4.3" phones.

RE: Am I the only one...
By Flunk on 1/10/2013 2:03:30 PM , Rating: 2
I find that there is a large market for larger phones that still fit in a handbag. There is a large segment of the population for which the biggest concern is usability and ability to fit in a handbag.

By Nyu on 1/8/2013 9:08:20 AM , Rating: 2
the world runs on metric.. I'm growing tired of seeing articles here mention measures only for the US..

RE: feet?
By theapparition on 1/8/2013 9:40:21 AM , Rating: 2
Then I suggest you find a tech news blog that isn't based in the US, written by American authors, talking about products demoed in the US...for the US market.

I'm not trying to bash, but it seems like your rant would be as pointless as me going to a French website and arguing why it's not written in English.

While I agree that the metric system makes much more sense, that's not what's commonly used in the US. So run the conversions, it's not that hard.

RE: feet?
By theapparition on 1/8/2013 12:58:00 PM , Rating: 2
Must have gotten sand in someone's vaginas.

I don't go to Chinese websites and expect US customary units, just as I would think anyone shouldn't expect to come to a US website and expect metric ones.

Simple concept, but apparently everyone is too dumb to grasp that.

RE: feet?
By xti on 1/8/2013 10:10:13 AM , Rating: 3
what does it matter? the point is you can drop it in the toilet safely.

Now, if it would jump out of the toilet on its own, I think we would have gotten a home run of a phone.

RE: feet?
By Flunk on 1/10/2013 2:05:08 PM , Rating: 2
This is a US website, just learn the conversion like everyone else already has.

Sure it's stupid that one country uses different units that all the others but complaints on a comments wall aren't going to fix that.

RE: feet?
By wordsworm on 1/14/2013 8:31:09 PM , Rating: 2
Most English speaking countries use imperial. Even Canada uses it for everything except highway speeds.

Sony Gives Diving
By Milliamp on 1/8/2013 2:02:14 AM , Rating: 2
I think the title should read: "Sony Goes Diving" instead of "Sony Gives Diving"

RE: Sony Gives Diving
By chemist1 on 1/8/2013 2:25:10 AM , Rating: 1
Remember, though, that each DT article is required to contain at least two obvious typographical errors and one bit of jarring wording. Brandon satisfies the former requirement with the title plus "Sony is looking to get back some of its mojo back," and does a good job on the latter with "the forefront of prominence."

The real kudos, however, go to Jason, the overachiever, who consistently exceeds these requirements by adding at least one content error.

RE: Sony Gives Diving
By pattycake0147 on 1/8/13, Rating: 0
RE: Sony Gives Diving
By Rukkian on 1/8/2013 2:14:43 PM , Rating: 2
While there are typically errors, I don't think you actually read the article, or had trouble with 2nd grade logic. Right now, somebody visually impaired might have better hearing, but with a silent car, there is no way to hear them, hence they get hit! This makes perfect sense to me.

As for the grammer police, maybe go visit a grammer website, and you can correct each other all day. Nobody really cares.

RE: Sony Gives Diving
By Iketh on 1/8/2013 4:14:16 PM , Rating: 2

RE: Sony Gives Diving
By euclidean on 1/9/2013 2:39:06 PM , Rating: 2
You know, I use to think all of these comments about grammar and spelling to be a DT only problem...but quite often, I see these same typographical errors on all sorts of "respected" news sites - Forbes, Associated Press, Reuters, WSJ, etc.

I'm not trying to give them a break mind you, just pointing out that it's not only DT, but most online 'news' sites - I'm wondering if the editorial process is different for online articles in comparison to paper prints...

the first android phone i've liked
By BillyBatson on 1/8/2013 2:27:34 AM , Rating: 2
Very nice! I love the design and simplicity even though I would still be caring it in a case. Great specs. And waterproof? No more worry about rain and a bunch of other situations and should definitely become a standard feature.

RE: the first android phone i've liked
By HostileEffect on 1/8/2013 3:06:58 AM , Rating: 2
I know it is unlikely but I humor myself with the thought of having a cut down GPU and a dedicated expansion port on phones. Maybe a console emulator that isn't younger than a PS2.

RE: the first android phone i've liked
By Mil0dV on 1/8/2013 5:11:50 AM , Rating: 2
By CZroe on 1/8/2013 7:08:07 AM , Rating: 2
Don't forget the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Android phone. There are PSP ports available and a PSone emulator is built-in.

By agent2099 on 1/8/2013 11:06:13 AM , Rating: 3
How are they able to make this waterproof, yeat include a microSD slot. That's quite the achievement. I'm shocked to see this coming form Sony and I will definitely follow the progress of this phone.

By ShieTar on 1/14/2013 11:28:51 AM , Rating: 1
I know you can buy waterproof µSD-cards too. As long as the electrical contacts of card and slot cover each other firmly, no problem. I assume you are not allowed to change the card under water though.

diminishing returns...
By talikarni on 1/14/2013 5:47:12 PM , Rating: 2
There is a point of diminishing returns... 720p is really all thats needed with a device this small. 1080 is appreciated for 7" and larger devices (like tablets).

"Well, we didn't have anyone in line that got shot waiting for our system." -- Nintendo of America Vice President Perrin Kaplan
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