Sony CONNECT Store Closing Down  (Source: Image Via Sony)
Sony says they are closing the CONNECT Music Service by March 2008

Sony’s CONNECT music store was never used much outside of owners of Sony players that could use the proprietary ATRAC music format. With the stiff competition from other device manufactures and the steady stream of competitors few will be surprised by what Sony recent announcement.

Sony announced that it intends to close the CONNECT Music Service. Sony doesn’t give a specific date for the closing of the CONNECT service but it does say that the store will not be closed before March 2008.

Sony says that the store is closing because they are moving to the Windows Media platform in North America as evidenced by the release new Video Walkmans. Music that consumers have previously purchased from the CONNECT service will still be playable and isn’t at risk according to Sony, but they recommend you archive all music files to CD.

Sony goes on to say that after the store closes you will still be able to manage, play and transfer your previously purchased music in your SonicStage library and ATRAC devices. A software application will be offered allowing the conversion of any non-DRM music ripped into SonicStage into MP3 format. ATRAC tracks that do have DRM can be archived to CD and then converted to MP3 format for use on other portable devices.

Sony CONNECT users that still have credits on their accounts are urged to use them by March 2008 so they don’t go to waste. Sony also states that at some point they will stop adding new music to the CONNECT store, but that time has not yet been determined.

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