Sony customers will continue to receive PC support

Yesterday we reported that Sony was in talks to sell off the PC side of its business. Sony has today confirmed that sale to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), and that the two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding.
Sony’s VAIO business will be transferred to a new company established by JIP. The two firms are now proceeding with due diligence and negotiations on the final terms of the deal, while a definitive agreement should be in place by the end of March 2014.
The business transfer will result in no further planning, design, or development of PC products by Sony. The manufacturing and sales of Sony PCs will stop in spring of 2014 after the new line launches globally.
Sony says that its customers will continue to receive after sale support following its exit from the PC business. Sony also says that the new company established by JIP will hire 250 to 300 workers from Sony and Sony EMCS Corp that are involved in PC operations.
While Sony is exiting the PC market, it is set to ramp up its TV arm. Sony has been working to reduce costs and improve profits in the TV realm. Sony says that it plans to shift its efforts to high-end models in fiscal 2014. It also plans to reinforce its position in the 4K market while strengthening its 2k offerings.
Sony will also be spinning the TV arm off into its own wholly owned subsidiary. The split is expected to be complete by July 2014.

Source: Sony

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