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Is a Lenovo recall just around the corner?

Last week, an IBM ThinkPad burst into flames at LAX. Lenovo wasted no time in getting that fiery ThinkPad off to its engineers in Yamato, Japan. To no one’s surprise, the T43 battery was indeed identified as a Sony unit, eWeek confirmed.


"Extreme cases of battery failures such as this are very rare in Lenovo notebooks," Ray Gorman, a Lenovo spokesperson said. "Our number one concern is public safety. We've launched an investigation. We will take whatever measures necessary to serve the interest of our customers and public safety."


Analysts believe that as statistically insignificant, in terms of failure rate, as this single ThinkPad battery incident is, Lenovo may have no other choice but to follow Dell and Apple in recalling all affected battery units. Stay tuned for more news from Lenovo as it develops.

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By Goty on 9/25/2006 8:12:49 AM , Rating: 3
Does anyone else think that it's ironic that the story right after this one is about Virgin Airlines lifting the ban on unaffected notebook batteries?

RE: Ironic?
By Necris on 9/25/2006 8:35:08 AM , Rating: 1
I personally think that this alleged passenger somehow lit his own laptop on fire...unless somehow he was aware that it was about to spontaneously combust - which somehow takes the spontaneity out of it =\

RE: Ironic?
By mindless1 on 9/25/2006 9:37:15 AM , Rating: 2
Lighting a laptop on fire will not even closely resemble the damage from a cell shorting, exploding. Laptops are not made of wood, after such an event there is much evidence left behind, and as already noted in the article, this evidence was analyzed.

RE: Ironic?
By TheDoc9 on 9/25/06, Rating: 0
RE: Ironic?
By Goty on 9/25/2006 10:34:33 AM , Rating: 2
RE: Ironic?
By nlr_2000 on 9/25/2006 2:24:00 PM , Rating: 2
I going to say there was no foul play other than the owner had accidentally dropped the laptop while running.

Wonder what the odds are of that causing the battery to catch fire?

I think I seen this first reported at the awful forums.

RE: Ironic?
By nlr_2000 on 9/25/2006 2:40:13 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah it was at the awful fourms but now I can't find the link for it. Had a detailed explanation of what happened along with pictures. :)

RE: Ironic?
By nlr_2000 on 9/25/2006 2:51:34 PM , Rating: 2
By Spivonious on 9/25/2006 9:52:48 AM , Rating: 2
I just got a new laptop from HP (who, as far as i know, haven't had any battery troubles). It runs super cool and I can actually keep it on my lap without burning my flesh. I upgraded from an old Gateway. The battery in the Gateway got so hot that I felt uncomfortable leaving it on the table for very long, let alone my lap, as the surface would quickly reach hot temperatures.

As I imagine the batteries are similar in type and construction, what could cause this vast difference in heat? My experience leads me to side with Sony on this one, and say that Dell, et. al should have better cooling systems in place for the battery. That way the few batteries produced that may be slightly under spec won't explode into flames.

RE: Interesting
By ajfink on 9/25/2006 10:44:03 AM , Rating: 2
I think Sony has admitted errors on their end of things.

And I, too, have an HP laptop that I have had almost no issues with (clicking hard drive, which I replaced with a 7200 RPM model). But it hasn't exploded.

RE: Interesting
By DFranch on 9/25/2006 12:31:35 PM , Rating: 2
So Dell, Apple, and now IBM are having problems but only with SONY batteries, but you think it is Dell, Apple, and IBM's fault. Well there's no fighting logic like that.

RE: Interesting
By adam92682 on 9/25/06, Rating: 0
RE: Interesting
By Xietsu on 9/25/2006 9:26:55 PM , Rating: 2
That's completely wrong man. They are customers, too -- the fact of the matter doesn't see negation just because they are corporate. If Sony is to deliver a product, it needs to function and operate as specified. Should it not, it is then the responsibility of the developer (or other affiliated agent) to direct responses for any arisen adversities. The only possible way it would be in the realm of the mainstream distributors (whos' products include such an accessory) were the desired doings of said item to necessitate extra cooling.

RE: Interesting
By Xietsu on 9/26/2006 11:23:09 PM , Rating: 2
Oops, replace "were" in the last sentence with "is if".

By underline21 on 9/25/2006 7:36:25 AM , Rating: 3
Anybody still think that this is just a Dell QC issue?

RE: Hmmm...
By mindless1 on 9/25/2006 9:40:48 AM , Rating: 2
"Just", no. However, "IF" Dell and other manufacturers were using the very same cells (the specific defective lots) and some products prove more susceptible to the explosion than others, it could be a sign the particlar design subjected the cells to less optimal conditions of heat or current. I don't recall whether there has been any link yet as to what, if anything, will make these defective cells degrade onto the point of failing violently (Or it may just be a matter of how long till they do, these are still relatively newer cells not ran until their expected lifespan was elapsed yet).

Planes need a semi risk storage area.
By porkster on 9/25/2006 12:42:07 PM , Rating: 1
Planes need an area that if something like this exploded then it's in a safe area where the carbo can be ejected. The laptop owner simply hands the battery over to flight crew for storage and uses the onboard plane power to drive the laptop.

By lennylim on 9/25/2006 2:20:23 PM , Rating: 3
If planes have such an area, they'd probably put passengers in there.

Still Hoping!
By wwwebsurfer on 9/25/2006 7:59:40 AM , Rating: 2
I'm sure it's very improbable that my laptop will catch on fire, but I'm still hoping for a new battery!

BTW, great job SONY!

Which batteries are they
By Chadder007 on 9/25/2006 11:07:29 AM , Rating: 2
Have they been the Lithium Ion or the Lithium Polymer batteries that have been bad?

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