Sony's cameras and camcorders are winners; PlayStation plays loser

Sony last week released its quarterly results with mostly good news, marred only by several sagging divisions. The Japanese electronics company’s net income hit 73.7 billion yen ($646 million USD), ahead of analysts’ expectations.

The core business of Sony, which would be its consumer electronics, led the way for the company’s bettered bottom line. According to Bloomberg, strong sales of Sony’s Cybershot digital cameras and Handycam camcorders contributed to Sony’s successful quarter in the black.

Televisions continue to sell well for Sony, but due to the falling prices of the LCD market, the Bravia line failed to turn a profit.

The true loser in Sony’s roster of companies is its computer entertainment division. Sony had to revise its forecasts for its gaming unit due to greater than expected losses. Sony’s now expects to sold its controlling share of its advanced chip making facilities to Toshiba and had an IPO for its financial holdings arm.

With the disappointing sales numbers of the PlayStation 3, one may wonder how much more Stringer may take before making drastic changes to SCEI. Early on, Stringer identified the price of the PlayStation 3 as a major issue, promising that it’ll be something that will be studied and refined.

Compared to the Wii, the Sony CEO knows that it has an uphill battle in selling the PlayStation 3 – which at the time of launch, cost more than double what Nintendo was charging for its console. Stringer admitted as much in a previous interview, saying, “Wii is a wonderful device, but has a different target audience. If we fail, it is because we positioned PS3 as the Mercedes of the video game field. PS3 is after a different audience and it can be whatever it wants — a home server, game device, even a computer.”

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