Future is here, and it’s filled with robots taking jobs

 robot is delivering coffee. Very simple and fast, just type in your other then

cup of coffee on the counter for you, ready to go.


Razer acquires smartphone company Nextbit.

According to Min-Liang Tan, Razer’s co-founder and CEO. The company will develop more products keeping the Nextbit brand, which will operate as its own stand-alone

He also added,” We have been huge fans of what Nextbit has been doing. both work on the phone technology and on the cloud based storage kind of things . There is a lot of potential and talent,” and confirmed that the Robin brand has been discontinued but the software and existing phones will be continue to revive support for at least nest six months.  


Apple removes the fastest way to check if your iPhone is stolen.

It is reported that Apple has remove its iCloud Activation Lock website with out providing any reasons or clarifications. Opening the lock URL not returns a 404 error.




The website allowed users to type in the IMEI number of an iPhone and check if the Activation Lock on the device had been turned off or not, therefore verifying if the seller gave them a new device or a used one. Apple has also updated its documentation page, removing any references to iCloud activation Lock website. This confirms that the decision to take doe the website is deliberate and its not temporarily done.  


GOQii launches Hear Care Tracker and service

The service will be available with the GOQii 2.0 band, which will be available from Amazon starting on February 14. Existing customers can update their existing one.





Moto G5 battery details, other specs revealed by multiple websites

In the camera department, the Smartphone is seen as having a 13MP rears camera and a 5MP front –facing snapper. The handset’s price wan not mentioned.



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