Tesla Roadster Charging at SolarCity Station  (Source: Autoblog)
Solar chargers installed along Hwy 101 between LA and San Francisco

If there is a hotbed for electric cars in America, it has to be California. The sunny state has some of the worst air pollution in the country. The area is also home to some of the nation's prominent electric carmakers like Tesla.

SolarCity has announced that it has installed charging stations that will charge the Tesla Roadster to full capacity in 3.5 hours along highway 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. One of the stations that has been installed is powered from solar energy.

"This charging station corridor demonstrates an important component of SolarCity's vision for a carbon-free lifestyle. We're combining clean, renewable solar power with all-electric transportation, allowing drivers to travel through California with zero emissions," said SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive.

Four chargers are arrayed along the stretch of highway and are located in Salinas, Atascadero, Santa Maria, and San Luis Obispo. By the middle of October a fifth power station will come online in Goleta. The Santa Maria station gets the juice it needs from a 30kW solar array.

All of the charging stations produce 240V at 70 amps and only fit the Tesla Roadster at this time. SolarCity plans to refit the charge stations in the near future to work with all electric vehicles. The SolarCity owned charge stations are all located at Rabobank locations with the San Luis Obispo location being owned by the city and located in a parking garage.

"We hope that this corridor of charging stations provides new travel opportunities for electric vehicle owners and gives further momentum to the renewable energy movement," said Marco Krapels, co-chair of Rabobank's Corporate Social Responsibility committee.

Tesla recently shipped its 700th Roadster and is one of the best known names in electric vehicles.

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