Kyocera: Solar Rugged Phone  (Source: AV Magazine)
Today smartphones and tablets currently have strong and clear screens that serve a variety of functions. But what if they could also supply energy to a smartphone or tablet?

Nowadays, a touchscreen is a prerequisite for every serious smartphone. The screen should be clear and durable, and the display crisp and sharp. Innovation is the key to survival in every segment of the smartphone market and smart-companies know this.

A research group in Michigan State University’s College of Engineering developed a new type of solar panel.  This new panel is referred to as a transparent luminescent solar concentrator.

They can be very large for windows, or very small for smartphones. Think about it, with a solar powered smartphone, you would have extended battery life and save on those charging cords at the very least.

Photo Source: Yimu Zhoa


So is any company looking into solar-powered smartphone screens?  Yes. Kyocera certainly is.

A prototype was shown at the Mobile World Congress in 2015 in Barcelona. Smithsonian Magazine reported that Kyocera joined with SunPartner to developed the technology which they installed on the Torque smartphone prototype.

Photo Source: Network World


According to SunPartner’s marketing director Matthieu de Broca, 10 minutes of exposure to sunlight could generate 100 minutes of standby use and two minutes of talk time.  While that may seem small, it makes a huge difference if you are stuck somewhere without a charging cord or an outlet.

The company is still working on research and development for this project so we could see this and other solar related products in the near future.

Even though we don’t have solar powered screens at market yet, smartphone screens are getting better every year.  Here are a few innovations;

1.      Samsung’s Galaxy Edge: Wraparound OLED Screen

Photo Source: Samsung

2.   Apple’s iPhone 7 Screen: Wide Color Gamut 3D Touchscreen

Sources: Liberty Voice, Network World

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