Samsung now owes Apple about $890 million total

The patent war between Apple and Samsung has shifted in Apple's favor in the U.S. as a jury recently decided Samsung should pay more in damages.

According ABC News, a Silicon Valley jury decided Thursday that Samsung should pay Apple $290 million in damages for patent infringement. The trial ran for about a week in San Jose, California and covered five patents and 13 products.

The two tech giants have been warring over patents with one another for over two years now. It largely began in April 2011, when Apple called Samsung an iPhone and iPad copycat. From there, lawsuits have been flung back and forth all over the world. 

In August 2012, a California jury decided that Samsung infringed on several Apple patents and should have to pay $1.05 billion in damages. However, Judge Lucy Koh -- a United States District Judge for the Northern District of California -- said that sum may not have been calculated correctly. 

Koh later vacated $450 million of that award, and left Samsung with the remaining $600 million to pay. 

This most recent trial aimed to decide if Samsung should pay more or less of that $450 million that was vacated. Judge Koh called a meeting Wednesday to help the jury learn how to properly calculate the final sum. Now that the jury has decided that Samsung should pay $290 million, the South Korean electronics maker now owes Apple about $890 million total.

While this is certainly another win for Apple in the U.S., the Cupertino, California-based company was hoping for more than $290 million. In fact, it wanted $379.8 million to make up for the profits it lost after Samsung’s smartphones entered the market.

Samsung, on the other hand, wanted to only give Apple $52 million. It suggested giving Apple royalties for every Samsung device sold that contains the infringed patents. Samsung's lawyer added that Apple shouldn't be entitled to lost profits because customers could have bought Samsung's phones for reasons unrelated to the infringed patents, such as larger screen sizes and lower prices. 

This particular trial has been a ride for both companies. Samsung attempted to put the trial on hold Wednesday (the day before the verdict was delivered) because a patent involved in the trial associated with touchscreen mechanics might be deemed invalid by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Samsung argued that reaching a verdict now could be too soon.

However, Apple wanted to press on, saying that a delay would waste time and money. 

Source: ABC News

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