Siemens puts a stop to "Officer, I didn't realize I was going that fast" excuses

It seems as though technology is further creeping into our automobiles and there's no end in sight for how far it will go. We've got semi-automatic transmissions like BMW's SMG, VAG's DSG and Ferrari's F1 which can out-shift a traditional manual transmission, lane departure systems which vibrate your seat if you drift out of your lane, adaptive cruise control and the Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) which can steer your vehicle for you at highway speeds. And we can't forget Toyota's Intuitive Park Assist found on the new Lexus LS460 which can park your vehicle.

Siemens is looking to add yet another technology item to vehicles in a bid to make them safer through automation. The company's new Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) system scans the road ahead and can recognize road signs. For example, when used in conjunction with adaptive cruise control, the TSR system could recognize a speed limit of 65MPH, warn the driver if he/she is driving too fast and automatically match the vehicle to the posted speed limit without driver input.

Siemens says that the system will soon go into production although it did not mention which auto manufacturers would adopt the system. If history is any indication, we'll start seeing systems like this employed on high-end Mercedes, BMW and Lexus models and then later see them filter down to "lesser" vehicles. We've already seen adaptive cruise control systems filter down to $30,000 Toyota Avalons so the technology encroachment is slowly coming to the masses.

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