SiS's 770 chipset is expected to provide a low cost alternative to nForce 500 for the AMD platform
Silicon Integrated Systems used to share the AMD desktop landscape with VIA, is the company due to bounce back?

We recently had the opportunity to get an inside glimpse at SiS, the now undisputed second largest PC core logic provider in Taiwan.  With NVIDIA's recent acquisition to acquire ULi, many have hoped for an underdog in the relatively quiet core logic market. 

SiS claims that they will have DDR3 support on the 665 Northbridge by Q3'06, making it the first chipset capable of DDR3 support by our playbook.  Whether or not motherboard adopters actually incorporate DDR3 into production designs is another issue entirely.  However, given the fact that SiS has privately told us that the company will enter the DRAM market, it could be that SiS might have an ace up its sleeve.

Things for SiS are a little quieter on the AMD side, with the 770 chipset set to become the new flagship core logic design.  According to the SiS roadmap, all future AMD chipsets will feature integrated graphics -- the 770, 771 and 772 chipsets will feature the Mirage 3 graphic engine.  Mirage 3 isn't exactly the bleeding edge in desktop graphics, but it is enough to get a 1080p signal on a set top box.  Mobile versions of these chipsets will also appear before the end of the year.

Although all of SiS's new chipsets feature integrated graphics, the company is moving more and more towards VIA's model of chipset production; many chipsets with many functions, rather than hot universal core logics.  The company will announce the 307CP and 308CP chipsets later this year.  The 307CP and 308CP are copy protection processors capable of taking a digital video output signal and encrypting the channel for HDCP.  The 307CP will specifically encrypt up to 1080i for DVI-HDCP, the 308CP will encrypt up to 1080p for HDMI-HDCP. 

Furthermore, the company has roadmap plans for its 196 gigabit PHY chipset, its 186 SATA 3.0Gbps chipset and 163 802.11a/b/g wireless chipset. 

With ULi out of the picture and VIA on the fritz, SiS has some ambitious plans for 2006.

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