Camera module is the first to record 3D 720p images


3D is here in a big way in 2010 and will continue to grow as the technology matures. There are many 3D-ready TVs and home theater products already available and a glut of 3D content is coming to take advantage of the screens.

Sharp is making a lot of different 3D tech from displays to a new camera module that the company introduced today. The new 3D camera module is the industry's first camera module capable of capturing 720p resolution 3D images. Samples of the camera module will start shipping in July and mass production of the new camera is set to begin in 2010.

Sharp is also working on a 3D screen that requires no glasses. This screen is rumored to be the screen set for use in the Nintendo 3DS portable game console. Combine that screen tech with the new 3D camera module and a portable game console for 3D gaming and video recording might be a reality soon.

Sharp's camera module uses two cameras that take images simultaneously. The camera module requires additional circuitry to apply required processing between the two captured images to adjust color or correct the position between the images for 3D effects. The Sharp design is able to process the left and right images into a single 3D image.

The module has Color Synchronizing Processing to adjust the color and brightness of each image, Time Synchronizing Processing to sync the timing of the video signals, and optical Axis Control Processing to correct the position of the device. Sharp plans to embed the 3D camera in a range of electronic devices including digital cameras, mobile phones, and smartphones.


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