IO2's Heliodisplay M2 in action
IO2 Technology introduces its second interactive floating screen

A few days ago, a relatively unknown company called IO2 Technology released the Heliodisplay M2 and M2i displays.  The M2 is unique in the fact that it creates a non-holographic image projected into mid-air.  Without a point of reference, the Heliodisplay appears to be 3D, giving the viewer the illusion of a floating holograph.  The two models announced today are capable of creating images approximately 30" across diagonally.

With drivers provided by IO2, the display plugs into a USB port and the screen interaction and display is handled all inside the unit.  Currently, the Heliodisplay can achieve SVGA resolutions (800x600) with resize support up to 1280x1024.  IO2 claims a contrast ratio of 2000:1, but since the technology is effectively rear projection onto a wave of hot air, direct sunlight or lots of ambient light will distort or wash out the image.

The touch sensitivity of the screen allows for users to interact with the display in real time, which can then be relayed to a computer or some other USB-ready device.  IO2 claims the device is perfect for everything from medical imaging to teleprompting to HUDs.  The projector is relatively bulky, weighing in at about 35lbs, but can be built into tables or walls to provide that true Minority Report feel. 

This is actually IO2 Technology's second mid-air display.  The M1 was significantly smaller than the M2 and significantly louder.  The M2 and M2i are rated at 38dbA, and uses about 350W during operation.  Pricing of the M2 and interactive M2i was not announced.

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