Suddenly, you have a whole lot more TV to watch

Seagate Technology today announced that its highest storage capacity DB35 Series hard drives are shipping to DVR and digital entertainment device manufacturers for the next generation of DVRs. Seagate’s 750GB joins the current lineup of 250, 320, 400, 500GB capacities.


"Seagate is thrilled to be providing technology that is the basic enabler to products driving such intense levels of customer satisfaction. Access to more and higher quality digital entertainment content is exploding," said Rob Pait, director of Global Consumer Electronics Marketing at Seagate. "The ability to store high definition content will continue to be at the heart of enabling simple and satisfying digital entertainment systems."


The ability to store high definition content mentioned by Pait is now boosted to up to 750 hours of standard TV or 125 hours of high-definition capacity and supports ten simultaneous standard TV streams.


Seagate cites information from Kagan Research placing Cable and Satellite DVR penetration for US subscribers at 26% and from Forrester Research stating that " seven years of consumer surveys at Forrester, we've never seen a device that engenders such strong, committed feelings as the DVR."


Visit Seagate’s DB35 page for technology papers and other information.

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