The current market for MP3 players is very competitive, and SanDisk is trying to get a piece of it

SanDisk is a company known for releasing products like SD, CF cards and USB flash drives.  At CES, the company re-integrated its plan to shake up the flash-based MP3 player market  in 2006.  The company announced two different lines of flash-based MP3 players designed directly for PC enthusiasts.  In March, SanDisk will begin selling MP3 players from the Sansa c100 Series and Sansa e200 Series.  

The SanDisk Sansa c100 Series MP3 players will come in two different sizes: 1GB and 2GB.  Other features include a digital FM tuner with 20 preset stations, voice recording and photo thumbnail playback.  A 1.2" color screen allows users to view thumbnail-size images or a music slideshow.  The Sansa c140 (1GB) will cost $119.99 and the Sansa c150 (2GB) will cost $169.99.  

The MP3 players in the SanDisk Sansa e200 Series MP3 line are the more impressive MP3 players that SanDisk announced.  The players will have a 1.8" TFT color screen with a scratch-resistant body that is a little bit thicker than the iPod Nano.  The models in the e200 series come in three different capacities: 2GB, 4GB and 6GB.  The new MP3 players will also have a microSD expansion slot for additional memory capacity. Users will also be able to view photos and slideshows while the MP3 player is still playing music. The Sansa e250 (2GB) will cost $199, the Sansa e260 (4GB) will cost $249, and the Sansa e270 (6GB) model will cost consumers $299.  

MP3 players from both series do share some basic similarities.  Both lines make use of the Microsoft PlaysForSure service.  What PlayForSure does is it allows users to easily find an online music subscription service and ensures that the audio format will be compatible with their portable media device.

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