The iXpand starts at $59.99 for 16GB of storage

Without the luxury of an internal microSD slot like many Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad users either have to make the correct decision at the time of purchase (with a 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB iOS device dished out in $100 increments) or look to external storage solutions when it comes to tackling the issue of storage space.
SanDisk has come up with a pricey solution that serves as both a regular USB drive and as a storage/backup device for your iPhone or iPad. As you would expect, the iXpand flash drive features a USB connector (interestingly, only USB 2.0 is supported) along with an Apple Lightning connector at the end of a flexible cable.
Using SanDisk’s free iXpand Sync app, iOS users can perform file transfers and backups with the device. The app also allows iOS users to automatically sync videos and photos to the flash drive. You can likewsie use the app to playback videos and music directly from the drive. Files can be password-protected if you choose to do so using the iXpand Sync app.

While all of this definitely sounds interesting, things take a turn for the worse when you get to pricing. Whereas as SanDisk’s own 16GB microSD cards or USB 3.0 drives might set you back around $10, the entry-level, metal-bodied 16GB iXpand costs $59.99. The 32GB version retails for $79.99, while the 64GB version comes in at $119.99.
SanDisk says that its drives will first be made available from Best Buy stores, with the 32GB model going on sale November 16. However, if you want to purchase the device now, it’s available on

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