New 32GB microSD cards available soon as well

Solid State Drives have been making the news quite a bit, but the biggest market for NAND flash memory is still in mobile devices like smartphones and portable music systems.

Samsung is the world's biggest supplier of NAND flash memory and has been developing higher density memory solutions for mobile devices. The company is announcing a 64GB moviNAND memory device and a 32GB micro Secure Digital (microSD) memory card.

"Samsung's high-density memory solutions bring the storage capacity levels of computing systems to small, mobile devices," said Dong-Soo Jun, the Executive Vice President of Memory Marketing for Samsung Electronics.

"The 64GB embedded memory, moviNAND, and the 32GB microSD card each greatly expand the data storage density of mobile devices, meeting customers' memory requirements and ushering in a new era of mobile and IT device capacity growth," he added.

The new solutions are based on Samsung's 32gb NAND chips. The 64GB moviNAND is only 1.4mm high, and consists of 16 30nm-class 32Gb MLC NAND chips and a controller. The 17 die stack was achieved by using 30-micron thick chips and advanced package technology. With the new 64GB solution, Samsung's proprietary moviNAND embedded memory is now available in 64GB, 32GB, 16GB, 8GB and 4GB densities.
The 32GB microSD card stacks eight 32Gb NAND components and a card controller. The highest capacity microSD card currently in production has a 16GB capacity and is based on 40nm-class 16Gb NAND. The new 32GB card is only 1mm thick.
Samsung's new 64GB moviNAND has been in mass production since December, while the 32GB microSD cards are currently sampling with mass production expected next month. These will compete against similar offerings from Toshiba announced last month.

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