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Samsung unveils three virtually identical new tablets with different screen sizes to choose from

Samsung has announced a new series of tablets that come in three different sizes. The tablets all fall into the Galaxy Tab4 series and include versions with 10.1-inch, 8-inch, and 7-inch screens.
Unfortunately, all of the tablets feature the same 1280x800 resolution display, which is rather disappointing given today’s prevalence of high-resolution displays in the tablet field. Other common features include a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM, microSD slot, Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, and 3MP/1.3MP rear/front cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10.1
The main differences are in screen size (obviously), battery capacity, and storage capacity. The 10.1” model features a 6800 mAh battery and 16GB of onboard storage, while the 8” model features a 4450 mAh battery and 16GB of internal storage. Battery capacity for the 7” model isn’t listed, but it is available with either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage.
Samsung says that all three Android 4.4 KitKat tablets will launch in Q2 2014 in black or white colors. Pricing is undisclosed at this time.

Source: Samsung

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By atechfan on 4/1/2014 11:46:24 AM , Rating: 3
I wonder how Samsung fans will justify these mediocre specs? Unless these are sub $150 tablets, they are junk.

RE: Garbage
By retrospooty on 4/1/2014 12:01:51 PM , Rating: 2
Uh... They justify it like Toyota justifies the yaris and Honda justifies the fit. The tab is their low end line.

If you are looking for a high end line, the Tab Pro line is it for standard tablets and Note pro for Tablets with active stylus support. These tablets are extremely well spec'd and quite good, although pricey.

RE: Garbage
By atechfan on 4/1/2014 12:07:40 PM , Rating: 3
It would be fine if they were priced in line with other bottom of the barrel tablets, but, if history repeats itself, they'll be more along the lines of $300, making them severely overpriced for the specs.

RE: Garbage
By retrospooty on 4/1/2014 12:17:24 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed, Samsung tablets have always been overpriced, and up until late last year have sucked rocks. At least the high end lineup is good now.

RE: Garbage
By StevoLincolnite on 4/1/2014 6:42:06 PM , Rating: 2
I got the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 for only $300 AUD which was reasonable in my opinion.

I wonder if this uses the Exynos chip (Or some variation of ARM) or Intel Atom like in the Tab 3?

RE: Garbage
By Reclaimer77 on 4/1/2014 1:52:04 PM , Rating: 1
Just curious but how is this a "bottom of the barrel" tablet? Seems like a mid-ranged offering to me.

Compare this to an Archos or something, uhhh yeah, that's bottom of the barrel.

Maybe you're just on hate-mode or something though.

RE: Garbage
By retrospooty on 4/1/2014 1:59:46 PM , Rating: 2
Ya, this guy put on his troll cap extra tight today.

RE: Garbage
By Reclaimer77 on 4/1/2014 2:04:35 PM , Rating: 2
Well it's not just him. Far too often on Daily Tech something is either referred to as a halo item, or utter garbage, with no room in between.

I think we need to like, I don't know, sit down and agree that some things are middle of the road.

I didn't read those specs and think "omg crap!!!". You have more RAM than a low end tablet, hell it's more than the iPad Mini. You have a solid CPU, a beyond 720p screen, an SD slot which is beyond awesome, WiFi direct etc etc. It ships with the latest Android version too.

How is this low end?

RE: Garbage
By retrospooty on 4/1/2014 3:57:07 PM , Rating: 2
I would put it at the low end. It's certainly Samsungs low end tablets. There is a step lower, the super cheap ultra budget like Coby and Archos and a dozen other off brands make... If the scale is - ultra budget < low < mid < high, this is low.

RE: Garbage
By Cheesew1z69 on 4/1/2014 2:03:11 PM , Rating: 2
Samsung Hate Mode

RE: Garbage
By Manch on 4/1/14, Rating: -1
RE: Garbage
By atechfan on 4/1/2014 12:06:03 PM , Rating: 3
Yes, just because I laugh at 2011 specs means I must be an Apple fan.

RE: Garbage
By retrospooty on 4/1/2014 12:32:00 PM , Rating: 1
No, but you acting like the Tab line is supposed to be high end, calls in to question your motive for posting. I know you are aware that the tab pro and note pro lineup is the high end, and spec'd extremely high, using at or near the best of the best in all aspects... So what gives?

RE: Garbage
By atechfan on 4/1/2014 12:39:52 PM , Rating: 2
What gives is that they are low end tablets without low end pricing. Its just like when crappy Windows netbooks were encroaching into real notebook pricing.

RE: Garbage
By retrospooty on 4/1/2014 1:04:50 PM , Rating: 2
Actually the specs are pretty good for low end tablets which seems to be what you are trolling on. I think you are right about the price. Historically Samsung tablets are way overpriced (I wouldn't buy one with your money, put it that way). The specs are fine, this is a low end lineup, not mid or high... The issue is price. If your gonna troll, troll something valid. ;)

RE: Garbage
By atechfan on 4/1/2014 1:16:51 PM , Rating: 2
Processor is nice. Other than that, everything else is meh. 8 or 16 GB Flash? Seriously? That is $70 Polaroid territory. At least Samsung includes a removable Flash slot. They always get that much right. To many tablets, be they iOS, Android, or Windows, are missing that essential feature.

RE: Garbage
By Cheesew1z69 on 4/1/2014 1:22:23 PM , Rating: 1
16G iPad is 399, logic Fail.

RE: Garbage
By atechfan on 4/1/2014 1:28:05 PM , Rating: 2
Did I say the iPad was reasonably priced or had adequate Flash?

RE: Garbage
By retrospooty on 4/1/2014 1:37:11 PM , Rating: 2
What part of low end are you not grasping here?

RE: Garbage
By Manch on 4/1/2014 12:44:40 PM , Rating: 3
No bc you always troll android and praise apple that's why. All one has to do is look at your previous comments.

RE: Garbage
By atechfan on 4/1/2014 1:11:47 PM , Rating: 1
Quote where I praise Apple. Apple is the last company I'd associate with value for the dollar.

RE: Garbage
By willj1220 on 4/2/2014 12:18:52 PM , Rating: 2
Quote? Here's a Quote

Drew Robinson @atechfan
On this day seven years ago, Apple changed our perception of smartphones forever: #HappyBirthdayiPhone
7:48 PM - 9 Jan 2014

RE: Garbage
By tayb on 4/1/2014 12:09:44 PM , Rating: 2
If the low resolution means amazing battery life and a lower price I'm all for it. I only make use of the resolution on my Nexus 7 while watching movies and I generally only do that during flights. And even then I would rather watch 720p movies for 20 hours than 1080p movies for 10 hours.

Only fanboys count pixels. On my mobile devices performance and battery life are the paramount. These tablets will probably strike an amazing balance there. I'll live with the resolution.

RE: Garbage
By inperfectdarkness on 4/1/2014 12:32:09 PM , Rating: 2
VIDEOPHILES count pixels. I don't have a dog in the fight.

That said, for mobile users--those who primarily operate on battery power--a compromise favoring battery life makes complete sense. For those like me (again, not fanboys, just a videophile)--someone who needs a laptop, but stays plugged in wherever he goes--I'll take the resolution.

I have a Tab 2. I rarely ever use it.

RE: Garbage
By retrospooty on 4/1/2014 1:08:04 PM , Rating: 2
"Only fanboys count pixels."

I would disagree with that entirely. People with eyes count display quality. If you cant see the quality difference on a 7 inch 1280x720 screen vs a 7 inch 1920x1200 or higher screen you need your eyes checked - NOW before driving. Regardless of brand loyalty, low res screens like this are not near as sharpe, and dont look good at all. Good enough for low end though.

RE: Garbage
By Cheesew1z69 on 4/1/2014 1:10:52 PM , Rating: 2
Damn truth, I bought a Tab 3 Lite almost 2 weeks ago, it looks horrible compared to Nexus 7. I am going to be taking it back this week.

RE: Garbage
By w8gaming on 4/1/2014 12:11:15 PM , Rating: 2
Maybe you are mistaken and there is no such thing called Samsung fans. Android buyers buy what is worthwhile. If it is overpriced then it will not sell.

RE: Garbage
By retrospooty on 4/1/2014 1:11:50 PM , Rating: 2
"there is no such thing called Samsung fans"

Exactly... I cant imagine anyone caring about Samsung. People generally want what works best for them. To me, Samsung has had some hits in the past, but today they aren't the best of the best at anything in the mobile sector. I wouldn't buy a single product they have out as of today.

RE: Garbage
By atechfan on 4/1/2014 1:19:11 PM , Rating: 2
I cant imagine anyone caring about Samsung.

You are forgetting about reclaimer. :)

RE: Garbage
By Reclaimer77 on 4/1/2014 1:55:01 PM , Rating: 2
I don't own a single Samsung product today aside from some system RAM that was amazingly priced.

You probably walk around with a Microsoft Surface crammed where the sun doesn't shine. Don't go pointing fingers.

RE: Garbage
By atechfan on 4/2/2014 7:43:54 AM , Rating: 2
I thought you had a Galaxy S line phone, which, btw, I have said in the past were nice phones. Unlike some spec whores, I actually think the S5 has some very useful improvements over the S4.

I don't hate Samsung. I actually have a lot of Samsung products. Washer, drier, monitors, I think one of my hard drives is a Samsung. The make some great products, but just like the low end Nokia phones just revealed, these tablets have crap screens. The res of the Tab would be adequate, but not great, on a 5 inch phone screen, but is really bad on a 10 inch screen.

The smiley at the end of my last post was meant to show I was teasing.

The Nexus...
By deltaend on 4/1/2014 11:56:18 AM , Rating: 2
Is laughing at you.

"The Space Elevator will be built about 50 years after everyone stops laughing" -- Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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