Samsung introduces a winner and a... we're not sure what to call it

We’ve been awaiting the launch of the 5.7” Galaxy Note 4, but what we weren’t expecting was the launch of its companion device: the 5.6” Galaxy Note Edge. We’ll talk about the latter model in a little bit, but let us first talk about the real star of the show.
Design wise, the Galaxy Note 4 is a mixture of the previous generational model and the new Galaxy Alpha, with a chamfered metal band that wraps around the perimeter of the smartphone. The Galaxy Note 4 carries on with a 5.7” Super AMOLED display, but as we previously reported, it boosts the resolution to QHD levels (2560x1440). Powering the device is an incredibly potent 2.7GHz, quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor paired with 3GB of memory (earlier reports had pegged this figure at 4GB).
The cameras onboard also get an upgrade, with the rear shooter moving from a 13MP camera to a 16MP unit with optical image stabilization (OIS). The 2.3MP front-facing camera on the Galaxy Note 3 was tossed in favor or a new 3.7MP camera. Thankfully, Samsung hasn’t stooped to branding it a “Selfie” camera like its competitors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
The battery has increased slightly in capacity from 3200 mAh to 3220 mAh, and support has been added for Bluetooth 4.1. 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity remains, but the onboard LTE modem has been upgraded from Category 4 to Category 6.
Interestingly, the Galaxy Note 4 takes a step back from the Galaxy Note 3 in one area; it reverts to a microUSB 2.0 connector for charging/syncing instead of the faster data speeds offered by the microUSB 3.0 standard. In addition, the Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t bring with it the water and dust resistance capabilities of its smaller, Galaxy S5 sibling.
When it comes to software, the Galaxy Note 4 comes preloaded with Android KitKat 4.4.4, and some minor improvements have been made to the TouchWiz interface. In addition, the S-Pen’s pressure sensitivity has been doubled, and a new Smart Select mode allows you to more easily highlight text and pictures.
Now lets's talk about the “interesting” new member of the Galaxy Note family, the Galaxy Note Edge. Specs wise, the Galaxy Note Edge is a near match for the Galaxy Note 4 with two exceptions. First, it comes with a slightly smaller battery (3000 mAh versus 3220 mAh) and it includes a 5.6” QHD+160 display.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
That’s right, the Galaxy Note Edge has a full QHD display, plus an additional 160 pixels that curve down around the right edge of the smartphone. The extra 160 pixels can be used to display notifications, playback controls for videos/music, or even be used to display time.
Quite frankly, we don’t see the point and it looks rather odd since it curves on only one side of the device. However, we’re sure that a few people might see the benefit in this added functionality, so we’ll just wait to see how long Samsung keeps the Galaxy Note Edge in its smartphone portfolio.
The Galaxy Note 4 will be available in Charcoal Black, Frost White, Bronze Gold, and Blossom Pink; while the Galaxy Note Edge will be available in Charcoal Black, Frost White. Both smartphones will come to all major U.S. carriers later this fall.

Source: Samsung

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