Samsung's new 1Gb DRAM chip is built on a 80nm process

When it comes to development in memory technology, Samsung is a company that never sleeps. In October, Samsung showed of its first 50nm DRAM chip, in early November the company announced the development of a 16-chip multi-chip package (MCP) for memory and just two weeks ago it announced new high-speed OneDRAM memory for use in mobile devices.

Samsung continues to make advances in the memory market and today has announced a new revolution in the mobile DRAM market. The company has developed new low-power 1Gb DRAM chip for use in mobile applications.

The new 1Gb DRAM is built on Samsung's 80nm process technology allowing it to be 20% thinner than 512MB double-stack 1Gb packages. The 1Gb DRAM chip also takes advantage of a temperature-sensing feature to maximize the efficiency of the self-refresh cycle. This reduces power consumption in standby mode by up to 30%.

Samsung expects for the chips to find a home in mobile phone handsets, digital cameras and a portable gaming devices. The 1Gb DRAM chip will enter mass production in Q2 2007.

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