Samsung's X360
Samsung comes back to American market with notebooks and a new netbook

Samsung announced that it is jumping into the U.S. market for notebook computers. The announcement came today, the same day that Apple is expected to introduce new MacBook models.

Reuters reports that Samsung will announce several new notebook computers today that specifically target some of Apple's offerings aimed at U.S. buyers. Samsung will be bringing its thin, ultraportable X-Series to America. Two systems will be offered to start with including the X360 and the X460.

The X360 will feature 128GB of SSD storage in a system sized much like the MacBook Air at $2,499. The MacBook Air with the 64GB SSD option retails for $2,598. Samsung's X360 weighs 2.8 pounds and achieves the lightweight by using a magnesium chassis and aluminum.

To compete with the cheaper MacBook Air with an 80GB HDD at $1,799, Samsung will be releasing the 160GB X460. The X460 will retail for $1,899 providing twice the storage for $100 more. Samsung is also going to be launching a line of larger desktop replacement notebooks for business users.

In addition to full notebooks, Samsung will also be unveiling its NC10 netbook in America. The NC10 will retail for $499 and features a 10.2-inch LCD and 160GB of storage. Samsung's NC10 will slot right between the higher-end Asus Eee netbooks and smaller full-scale notebook computers.

Samsung will take advantage of its significant distributor network in the consumer realm. The firm has been selling products like mobile phones and TVs via a network of regional and nationwide retailers for years. The Korean firm was in heavy negotiations to buy SanDisk recently that ultimately failed.

Samsung says that in addition to its retailer network helping it break into the notebook market in America, the fact that 80% of the components inside its notebooks are built by Samsung makes for cost efficiencies as well. Reuters reports that everything but the CPU and GPU inside Samsung notebooks are made by Samsung parts.

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