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Will come with Android 3.1 out of the box

We first caught a glimpse of Samsung's larger follow-up to its fairly successful 7-inch Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, back in February. With its 10.1-inch display (1280 x 800), dual-core 1GHz processor, HSPA+ connectivity, and 3MP/2MP cameras, the larger iteration of the Galaxy Tab appeared to be a fairly decent addition to the Android Honeycomb-based tablet lineup, if nothing too exciting or different.

Then, at CTIA, Samsung dropped the news that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (along with the smaller 8.9-inch version) would be even thinner and lighter than the iPad 2 — at 0.33 inches thick and weighing 1.31 pounds. 

While the rumored launch date for the new tablet from Samsung is June 8, the company posted this tweet on its official Twitter page Monday:

What is 10.1 inches of Android 3.0 Honeycomb delight? Only a few days away! Sign up NOW -" rel="nofollow

And while the tweet references Android 3.0, the official webpage of the Samsung Tab 10.1 now lists Android 3.1 as the tablet's out-of-the-box operating system. (It also updates the device's thickness to 0.34 inches, which would match the iPad 2.)

The device will reportedly come in 16GB and 32GB iterations, with Wi-Fi-only models priced at $499 and $599 respectively. No official announcement regarding 3G-integrated versions has been made, although those are expected at some point in the future, as well.

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good for samsung
By superPC on 5/25/2011 8:40:31 AM , Rating: 3
no wonder apple tried to sue samsung for using a similar design to apple device. remember that this is not the 10 inch tablet samsung initially plan to launched. they re-engineer it after the ipad 2 was release to be lighter, thinner and have similar battery life. with that kind of design and engineering prowess no wonder apple is worried about samsung.

RE: good for samsung
By omnicronx on 5/25/2011 10:57:16 AM , Rating: 2
The iPad was released all of 2 months ago.. I love how people think that you can completely redesign a product and have it stocked on the shelves in a little over 2-3 months..

And while Samsung may have been prevue to many of their components (considering they make most of them), I have my doubts they had any idea what the iPad 2 would truly look like. (They don't make the battery or exterior shell that would give an idea as to how big it would be)

RE: good for samsung
By theapparition on 5/25/2011 12:50:20 PM , Rating: 5

How much more can you "redesign" a tablet. It's base specifications will always be screen size, size, and weight. Given a screen size, the goal will always be to reduce the other metrics.

No wonder they all look similar. What apple uses as components are the exact same things that other manufacturers are using. No secrets there. It cracks me up when people consider similar products as "stealing". Given the same input criterea, it's only logical that the outcomes will be similar.

In other news, why do all cars have 4 wheels with the passenger cabin in-between?

RE: good for samsung
By B3an on 5/25/2011 9:00:58 PM , Rating: 2
The thing i like about Samsung is that they actually design and manufacture a lot of the components in there own devices. It's allowing them to make some very nice products lately, like the Galaxy S2, which is in my opinion the best, and fastest smartphone around. It's also definitely the thinnest and possibly the lightest smartphone i've ever used.

I'm slightly disappointed this new and considerably larger tablet does not have specs that match the S2, which has a slightly faster 1.2GHz dualcore, and the same 1GB RAM.

RE: good for samsung
By jvillaro on 5/25/2011 2:08:33 PM , Rating: 2
What are you talking about little troll? They redesigned to match the iPad2???
Can you even try to understand what it would mean to redesign a tablet in 2 months for it to be that thing? Thats not something you can improvise.
You are probably trying to base this on the other 10.1 Galaxy Tab that Samsung showed a while ago, but thats the Galaxy Tab 10.1v, which is exclusive for Vodafone in Australia (and maybe in other regions?) and is a little different and thicker.

Who cares?
By Belard on 5/25/2011 10:31:55 AM , Rating: 3
I expect Samsung to support their tablets like they support their phones.

Like pure crap.

RE: Who cares?
By theapparition on 5/25/2011 12:56:37 PM , Rating: 2
It really is ashame, isn't it. Samsung makes some really decent products, and then kills them with lack of support.

RE: Who cares?
By bhigh on 5/27/2011 12:12:41 AM , Rating: 2
Carriers are generally responsible for supporting the phone, not the manufacturer. If you're unhappy with the delay updating the Galaxy S phones, complain to Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile.

You could also buy a phone that isn't controlled by the carrier. For Android, it limits you to the G1, original MyTouch, Nexus One, Nexus S or the Nexus S 4G. (I'm unsure about the iPhone, but I think AT&T needs to approve the OTA before you'll get it.)

Pretty nice device
By ipay on 5/25/2011 8:53:54 AM , Rating: 2
I got one of these at Google IO recently and it is a very nice device. I still don't see much use for any tablet device (I have a desktop and a laptop computer) but it is nice to have around the house to tinker with on occasion. I will say that it is pretty cool how it integrates well with all the Google stuff (no surprise there). I can be logged into gmail, chat, docs all together at the same time. I can also have multiple accounts signed in simultaneously. Of course that doesn't have much to do with this specific Samsung tablet, but as part of the whole "experience" it is nice.

Well made stuff with good software. Still though, as with any tablet, I just don't see any reason to pay more than $200 or so for something that kind of tries to do what my other devices do better. I know the hardware costs more than that, but in my mind that is just reason for these things not to exist. Obviously I'm missing something though, since Apple sells millions of them.

RE: Pretty nice device
By Sazar on 5/25/2011 11:07:27 AM , Rating: 2
Thanks for the feedback.

I don't have a tablet as of yet but the 8" version seems like it could work nicely for me.

As far as Apple selling millions, it's the whole thing with product placement and manufacturing a lust for the product. Do people need it? Nope. Do they WANT it? Yep, the lust for the product is there simply because it is now a commodity more-so than a device, as with most Apple products recently.

Say what you will about Apple but having the exact same product, sans Apple logo, will simply not have the same social impact when people are showing off their toys. Take the iPad and cover up the logo and you have something which is valued a lot less.

I am definitely holding out for either the Dell tablet or the smaller Tab at this point because I do have a niche in my usage to have an instant-on device I can sling around. My phone simply does not cut it for most sites.

RE: Pretty nice device
By meewok on 5/25/2011 2:02:21 PM , Rating: 2
+1 to this as I share similar sentiments.

I ended up selling it just because it would just sit there. I kept trying to find ways to use it:

-- I installed Google Music Beta. It's actually a promising service. Though I'd rather use it on my phone.

-- I tried bringing it with me to read news/browse at coffee shops. It was actually pretty nice, but eventually I would stop bringing it and just use my phone.

-- I tried using it to check email. It's ok. Definitely nice to have the extra screen real estate, but most of what I needed to do with email, I could just do on my phone as well.

-- I let my kids play with it. This is actually where it shines. Especially with younger kids as it's easy for them to interact with. But it's not as if there aren't other methods to help your kids learn/keep them busy...

-- Gtalk video is pretty nice. It's supposed to be backported to 2.3.4 as well.

-- Browsing photos is AWESOME on a tablet. Maybe not necessarily photo editing. It's a great digital photo album. (but not worth $500/600)

I guess there just isn't a killer app yet. Perhaps it's because the Android tablet ecosystem isn't there yet, but it seems to me that the my issues with the "tablet" are more about form factor/price rather than application.

There are definitely some interesting use cases for tablets (especially if you don't have a surface to work on), but most of the time, I feel like I'm trying to find ways to use it. And when I do find a way to use it, I then decide I'd rather use my phone or a small laptop for that purpose.

By Arsynic on 5/25/2011 3:07:12 PM , Rating: 4
There is no good use for a standalone tablet.

People are so gullible
By vision33r on 5/26/2011 9:48:46 AM , Rating: 2
It takes 2 months just to get a proper manufacturing sample out and proper documentations and box displays to get the images. There's no way Samsung redesigned the exterior.

It's possible they upgraded the interior in some way.

By SirKronan on 5/25/2011 4:08:49 PM , Rating: 1
The only way to make this a big win is to beat Apple not only in features but in PRICE as well. Other than some part shortages, the Eee Pad Transformer sold out repeatedly in many stores. It has become a successful product for Asus, and will end up helping Android become much more popular, which will in turn attract even more developers to develop tablet compatible apps for Honeycomb devices. That is the way to win. The Eee Pad Transformer trades blows with the iPad two in specs, form factor, features, etc. but it cleans its clock in the price realm. It's $100 cheaper.

The Xoom was slightly better than the iPad, and $100 more expensive. It flopped, regardless of being a great device. If samsung offers a device "as thin as the iPad 2" with a couple of extra nice features here and there, like a more open OS and a better camera, that's great. But it's the SAME PRICE. There are still not nearly as many apps, and there won't be until more devices are out there for developers to make applications for. So what do they need to do to sell well? They've got to undercut apple on price. There are quite a few people considering tablets who refuse to buy anything with an apple symbol on it, but there are vastly more people out there considering tablets that would PREFER to have an apple logo on it. The people in the middle would definitely be more easily swayed with a better price, hence the success of the Asus Transformer.

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