Samsung to make 8 GB of storage on your phone possible

Samsung announced that it has developed an 8 GB microSD memory card – the highest yet for the format.  Samsung says that its new microSD card carries a read speed of 16 MB per second and a write speed of 6MB per second, which the company claims is “much faster” than most other microSD cards currently on the market.

MicroSD cards, which are a quarter the size of an SD card, are backwards compatible with SD cards using an extender and are commonly used in small devices such as mobile phones.

Samsung cites information from research firm Dataquest predicting that the memory card market will average 10 percent annual growth between 2006 and 2010, while demand for high density 8GB cards will grow an average of 2.6 times per year over the same period. By 2010, the 8GB memory card will be the market mainstream in terms of units sold.

This announcement is the latest in many flash-related developments from the South Korean company. Recently, Samsung announced that it is the first company to begin mass production of 16 Gb NAND flash memory, as well as revealing new details on its 64 GB solid state flash disks.

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