Samsung says Dyson's original lawsuit hurt its corporate image

Samsung and Dyson were caught up in a lawsuit late last year over vacuum patents, but the UK-based vacuum company's decision to suddenly drop the case has prompted Samsung to file a new compensation lawsuit.

According to The Korea Times, Samsung has filed a 10 billion won ($9.43 million USD) compensation lawsuit against Dyson, saying the vacuum company damaged its image by making Samsung look like a constant patent burglar. 

“Last week, Samsung Electronics’ legal counsel filed legal papers with the Seoul Central District Court against Dyson as the latter’s previous litigation has hurt Samsung’s corporate image,” said a Samsung spokesman. “We are initially seeking 10 billion won compensation from the U.K.-based manufacturer; however, the amount will increase depending on how the court proceedings go."

“Samsung’s marketing activities were negatively affected by Dyson’s groundless litigation, which is intolerable.” 

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In August 2013, Dyson filed a lawsuit against Samsung over a new vacuum that the Galaxy device maker revealed at IFA 2013. Dyson claimed that Samsung's MotionSync steering mechanism copied its own DC37 and DC39 models. 
However, three months after launching the suit, Dyson dropped the case. Samsung then accused Dyson of using patent litigation as a marketing tool, and said Dyson's previous lawsuits with other companies further prove this.
Samsung seems to be sick and tired of patent lawsuits. It settled with Google, Ericsson and Cisco separately in recent weeks to end all litigation related to patents.
But one notable patent rivalry still remains, and that's between Samsung and Apple. The two have been duking it out since April 2011 when Apple accused Samsung of being an iPhone and iPad copycat. 
The two recently tried mediation, but once again failed to come to an agreement

Source: The Korea Times

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