Samsung 70nm OneNAND chips
Samsung's move to 70nm improves efficiency by 70%

Today, Samsung has announced that it has started mass producing 1GB NAND flash memory chips using a 70nm fabrication process. The NAND flash memory will be used in a wide variety of products ranging from digital cameras to mobile hard drives.

Samsung says that devices that take advantage of NAND flash memory technologies will be on the rise this year and will make a big impact in the market in 2007. We previously reported that Intel is already beginning to design mobile platforms with NAND flash technology in mind. The memory is intended to boost storage speeds while lowering power usage. Later on, Intel will also be introducing NAND technology to the desktop segment.

Samsung’s 70nm OneNAND fuses together the rapid boot-up and data-read functions of NOR flash memory, plus the high-capacity data storage and fast writing capabilities of NAND flash memory. The 70nm device is now designed into well over 100 mobile products, with new demand coming from market segments for digital cameras, set-top boxes and digital TVs. Last month, at the 3rd annual Samsung Mobile Solution Forum, Samsung also unveiled a high-speed memory card equipped with OneNAND.


Standard NAND

90nm OneNAND

70nm OneNAND

Sustained Read Speed




Sustained Write Speed




Flash memory speeds have drastically improved as well. According to Samsung, its OneNAND chips will be able to sustain a read throughput of 108MB/sec. If those figures are true, OneNAND memory from Samsung will be one of the fastest in the industry. If Samsung succeeds with its OneNAND push, sales will top $1 billion in sales in 2008 and surpass $1.5 billion by the year 2010. You may recall, Samsung also has a 32GB NAND flash-based solid-state drive that is currently shipping.

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