Installing the test build of Windows 8...  (Source:

Hmm, the test build looks a lot of like Windows 8... note the humorous disclaimer/legal warning, though.  (Source:
Site has posted screenshots of installation process and desktop

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) must either be very frustrated with its Russian offices and OEM partners or very pleased with them, depending on whether or not it actually secretly wants test builds of its upcoming software to be leaked.  Microsoft Russia leaked information on the availability of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and screenshots of Internet Explorer 9's beta, before they were publicly available.

Now yet another major leak has been sourced to Russia -- new screenshots of a Windows 8 test build.  The info leaked on, a site that in recent weeks leaked a test build of Office 15.

If the shots are authentic, they show the current candidate of the install dialogue.  Few surprises appear in the dialogue.  As one inspects, it informs the user that their usernames/programs/etc. will be carried over from their previous Windows install.  And the installer performs a brief compatibility test, before actually initiating the install process.

About the most interesting note is that the process for now is sporting images that indicate that Windows 8 will stick with traditional keycode stickers, rather than a more futuristic licensing scheme.

Slightly more interesting is a single leaked screenshot of the newly installed version of Windows 8 in action.  Text on screen dubs the build a "Microsoft Pre-Release Windows Operating System.  It also indicates that the build carried the number "Build 79xx..." and the clock shows it was likely installed on Tuesday.

Despite reports of a possible switch to a radically different graphical user interface, the interface of the test build is identical to Windows 7's from what is seen.  It's still possible that Microsoft could re-skin the OS with a new GUI later in the development process.

The desktop contains a humorous warning, stating:
shh... let's not leak our hard work

Microsoft Confidential

Unauthorized use or disclosure in any manner may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment (in the case of employees), termination of an assignment or contract (in the case of contingent staff), and potential civil and criminal liability.

Whoops.  Well maybe someone is in trouble.  But we've now gained a possible at the current state of what may be a piece of Microsoft next Windows push.

Windows 8 is expected to land in late 2012 or early 2013.  Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dubs it his company's "riskiest" product.

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