Optical camoflague demonstration by Susumu Tachi, Masahiko Inami and Naoki Kawakami

Courtesy University of Tokyo
The technology for atomic level invisibility might be closer than you'd think

MosNews and NewsRU are reporting that Russian professor Oleg Gadomsky has patented a new method of optical camouflage.  The professor, versed in both quantum and optical electronics, uses gold nanoparticles arranged in a stratum that cloaks the image of an object to the other side of the stratum.  The patent, unfortunately, does not show a scale demonstration of this technology or even if the technology works yet. 

Gadomsky's technology is completely different than existing methods of optical camouflage that exist today.  In 2003, the TACHI laboratory of the University of Tokyo demonstrated an "invisibility cloak" -- which was actually no more than a projection of the image behind the cloak projected back onto the cloak.  Gadomsky plans to actually disrupt the radiation in such a manner to "bend" light around the stealthed object behind the nanoparticle wall. 

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