Rush Limbaugh is calling on Americans to boycott GM, one of the nation's largest manufacturers, to prevent what he sees as a conspiracy by Democratic President Barack Obama. Mr. Limbaugh considers the potential American jobs losses to be a necessary sacrifice.  (Source:

GM also is a strong supporter of hybrids, producing the upcoming Chevy Volt. Mr. Limbaugh has voiced his passionate dislike for hybrids in the past, likely another strike against GM in his book.  (Source: GM)
American job cuts are a necessary loss to avoid patronizing President Obama, they say

A bankrupt General Motors is moving well along the painful road to recovery, selling off Hummer and Saturn.  Most are hoping it recovers to preserve the jobs of the hundreds of thousands directly or indirectly employs.  However, others are wishing it would fail and are doing their best to try to guarantee this outcome.

Republican pundit and media personality Rush Limbaugh, along with fellow pundit Hugh Hewitt, has assembled a legion of red-state bloggers and are calling for a boycott of all GM vehicles according to Autoblog Green.  They say that buying GM is tantamount to patronizing U.S. President Barack Obama.

Mr. Limbaugh held a special show to discuss the boycott.  While many callers were not happy with it, one caller voiced his support, stating, "I just want to say, what you were just talking about there about not buying GM products because of Obama, it's exactly how I feel. I just... I have felt this way now for weeks. I have driven a Chevy Tahoe for several years. In fact, right now I've got about 150,000 miles on it. I won't even look at another one right now, and I just want to say thanks. At least somebody understands what's going on here."

The basis of Mr. Limbaugh's boycott apparently stems from the fact that the U.S. government will own 62 percent of a post-bankruptcy GM.  Ironically, though, the trappings and suggestion for this were first set in place by Bush advisors, who pushed through the original bailout for the company, which it has effectively repaid with equity stake.

The boycott also fails to account for the fact that GM's ownership is now on the taxpayers' balance -- Republican and Democrat alike.  It also fails to note that Canada also maintains a major stake in GM and that many other countries like Germany, are riding on its success and ability to move cleanly through bankruptcy.

However, Mr. Limbaugh may have more than one issue with GM.  Mr. Limbaugh is an outspoken critic of hybrid vehicles and has accused them as "ruining" the industry, despite the fact that current models such as the Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Insight, and Toyota Prius are quite profitable.  With GM pushing hardest for electric vehicles, with its Chevy Volt, it's likely this is another painful issue to Mr. Limbaugh.

For better or worse, though, he and his fellow commentators have declared war on GM.  Only time will tell whether the boycott will actually have any sort of effect on sales, though.  

"This is from the It's a science website." -- Rush Limbaugh

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