Sony announces at TGS a new PS3 controller, new PSP feature to turn off and on PS3

On the first morning of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. President and COO Kazuo Hirai took the stage to deliver the event’s keynote address.
Perhaps the biggest news to gamers is the official return of force feedback to the classic PlayStation controller form. Dubbed the DualShock 3, the new PS3 controller adds vibration motors inside the shell – just as it is in the DualShock 2 for the PS2.
Hirai said during his speech that vibration was the single most popular request from PlayStation 3 users. Rather than mentioning the company’s previous legal position with Immersion, Hirai simply said that Sony had found a way to integrate rumble with SIXAXIS motion control – a feature that he said was not previously technically feasible.
The outward appearance of the controller is identical to the SIXAXIS, with the only hints of the added rumble feature being the new DualShock 3 logo and the additional weight. The omission of vibration motors in the SIXAXIS made the controller unsettlingly light, but in the DualShock 3, the added weight returns the controller to a more familiar feel.
It was rumored that Sony’s new agreement with Immersion had given the games company access to a more advanced form of force feedback, but Hirai made no mention of any advancement in vibration. DailyTech’s hands-on experience with the DualShock 3 found that the force feedback was no stronger or subtle than the DualShock 2.
Games playable on the show floor already supporting rumble on the DualShock 3 include Devil May Cry 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Ratchet & Clank Future, echochrome and others.

The DualShock 3 will be available in Japan sometime in November, with the U.S. and EU release slated for sometime during spring 2008. Pricing and exact date will be revealed at a later date.
Another individual took the stage during the keynote to reveal a new PSP Remote Play with PS3 feature. Upcoming firmware updates will enable the PSP to turn on and off the PS3 console – a huge convenience for those who do not wish to waste power by leaving their home consoles running the entire day.
Hirai resumed his spot behind the podium to explain further future applications of Remote Play. For example, the PSP will be able to act as an additional display for PS3 games – a feature seen before in the GameCube and GBA connectivity options. Future games will also enable multiple PSPs to connect to a single PS3 for additional game play opportunities.
At the end of the speech, Hirai participated in a Q&A session. The top question on everyone’s mind is the state of the PlayStation 3 price, especially after the $100 drop in the U.S., but Hirai said there would be no price drop for rest of the year.

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