Strand Craft 122 side-by-side  (Source:

Strand Craft 122 super car inside garage  (Source: The Awesomer)

Undersea Yacht submerged  (Source: iTechDiary)

Undersea Yacht on the surface  (Source: iTechDiary)
Groundbreaking nautical transportation keeps moving forward and, apparently, out of reach.

As the U.S. works to recover from a massive oil spill and companies search for alternative fuel sources to help the environment -- the hunt for new fuel-hungry technologies marches on as well.

It looks like there is an increasing focus on the development of luxury yachts.  Designers appear to be shifting gears and developing "super" yachts with state-of the-art engineering and technology. 

While unobtainable for most, they may definitely be something to look forward to; or at least admire from afar.  A Swedish boat designer named Eduard Gray of Gray Design has come up with a groundbreaking concept for a $25M USD yacht with a complimentary  matching sports car.

It's called the Strand Craft 122 and is said to be capable of 14,000 horse power from its twin-turbo V12 Rolls Royce engines.  It boasts a top speed of 234 mph and is expected to be capable of 50 knots.  The concept is said to get its inspiration from the Ferrari Testa Rossa.

It has an Art Deco interior with four double rooms, four staterooms, a reception, salon and crew cabins.   It also includes 52' LED TVs and Bang & Olufsen sound.   Only six will be built. 

Another concept model called the U-010 Undersea Yacht, transforms into a submarine. the "eco-friendly" luxury yacht was designed by Marina Colombo and Sebastiano Vida. 

It is equipped with an integrated stabilization system.  It boasts low-emissions and is powered by a diesel/electric hybrid engine and can submerge underwater by switching from diesel to electric propulsion. The super yacht has an overall length of 66.5 m. There was no price tag listed.

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