(1) No attachment.

(1) Same shot with the telephoto attachment.

(2) No attachment.

(2) Same shot with fish-eye attachment.

(3) No attachment.

(3) Same shot with wide-angle attachment.
Fun and whimsical, the Fisheye, Macro/Wide, and Telephoto lenses attach to virtually any camera-phone, but are no replacement for a DSLR

As if professional photographers weren't already beginning to feel their neck straps slowly morphing into tightening nooses of obsolescence -- thanks to 8-megapixel-strength smartphone cameras and apps that make even the most pedestrian stills look (arguably) like works of art -- a set of clever, detachable smartphone camera lenses by Photojojo have only removed more slack from the rope.

The Fisheye, Telephoto, and Wide Angle/Macro lenses attach to virtually any cameraphone, "giving you crisp and clear shots every time," Photojojo, the popular photography blog and  online retailer, claims. 

A small magnetic ring (13.06mm outer/9.38mm inner) is easily applied over a phone's camera. In my case, it was on the top lens of the dual-lensed EVO 3D. Simply peel the paper off the back of the ring to reveal an adhesive-laden back and gently apply around the phone's camera lens. The ring can stay attached to the phone at all times, allowing any of the three lenses to be fastened to the device via magnetic force. Swapping lenses between shots is simple, fast, and pain-free.

The three lenses also come with back and front covers to prevent the glass on either end from scratching. 

The detachable lenses really are ingenious little enhancements for any camera-phone. However, that doesn't make them altogether useful. Their small size means they can be easily lost or misplaced, and the results with the lenses isn't anything groundbreaking (see attached photos for proof).

But, at a price point of just $49 for the set of three, the Photojojo lenses are a cheap upgrade for anyone looking to do just a little bit more with their smartphone camera. They won't turn your Nexus S into a DSLR, but they will allow a broader range of angles in your shots.

Additional specs:
  • Macro lens focuses between 10-23mm from your subject
  • Telephoto lens doubles your camera's zoom (subjects are 2x closer)
  • Wide angle lens 0.68x wide
  • Fish-eye lens 180 degree angle (0.28x)
  • Lenses range between 15.8mm-25mm diameter x 6.5mm-15mm length
Another point worth noting: My experience with the customer service at Photojojo has been phenomenal. Even if these lenses weren't quite as impressive as I might have hoped they would be, I plan to continue exploring the company's collection of whimsical camera accessories, particularly for photo-centric gifts like this Nikon Camera Lens Mug, or this well-priced "Classic Mini Digital Camera".

(Note on the attached photos: My apologies for how bad the white balance in these photos is. These were taken on the last leg of a very long international trip. The fatigue was in full force by this point.)

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