The five main iPod Touch components (back case, circuitry, battery, screen, and screen frame) pictured post tear-down.  (Source: iFixIt)
The iPod touch gets undressed -- but does not confirm or deny Bluetooth

The iPod touch is virtually identical to the iPhone, according to a disassembly performed by repair firm iFixIt, published in a blog detailing its disassembly and comparison with an iPhone.

The first major change is that the battery in the iPod touch is able to take up more space since a large speaker or microphone is not necessary.  The touch screen that allows users to navigate through the iPod controls is located immediately beneath the battery.  The touch's battery measures 54 x 64 x 2.8 mm; the iPhone's battery is larger by volume but smaller by proportion, 43.6 x 50.5 x 5.4 mm.

The rear lid has been improved by the addition of wireless contact points, allowing it to be removed faster and more efficiently.  The headphone jack is built directly into one of the circuit boards, which could lead to more difficult repairs.

The ARM processor and Samsung NAND memory in the iPod touch is virtually identical to the same components found in the Apple iPhone.

iFixIt was able to confirm that the major component assembly stems from Foxconn. The Apple iPhone is also assembled in Foxconn facilities.

However, the biggest surprise is that the MP3 player sports 802.11a/b/g wireless via Marvell chip.  802.11b/g wireless had been previously announced at DailyTech.  Support of 802.11a is likely less consequential as it is aging rapidly, but if this feature is activated, some users may appreciate the backwards compatibility.

It is still possible that the touch may feature Bluetooth support.  Photos from Germany surfaced on the technology blog Gizmodo, as mentioned in the DailyTech article "New iPod Rumors Run Rampant".  DailyTech previously reported about the possibility of Bluetooth, but noted that the FCC certification for the touch is only for 802.11b/g.

iFixIt's tear down could not confirm or deny the presence of Bluetooth.  Instead, the firm claimed the Bluetooth antenna could be built into the PCB, and any capability may be present, but not activated on one of several of the unmarked chips.  However iFixIt did notice the PCB contained FCC radio markings; these markings are usually reserved for just the radio antenna.

The iPod Touch is expected to ship on Friday, September 28, so confirmation or denial of Bluetooth support may soon be forthcoming.

The iPod Touch was announced earlier this month, here.  It has had its share of difficulties -- it is expected to possibly run into legal issues, and even then there are reports of poor image quality as well.

"People Don't Respect Confidentiality in This Industry" -- Sony Computer Entertainment of America President and CEO Jack Tretton
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