Nomura Securities cites poor U.S. holiday sales as reason for cutting PS3 shipment forecasts by 25%

If the latest figures from Nomura Securities are any indication, Sony is having a bit of trouble moving its $599 and $499 PlayStation 3 consoles in North America. The Nomura report simply reiterates what many Americans are seeing at electronics retailers across the United States: store shelves filled with PS3s looking for a home.

Sony had originally forecasted that it would have 2 million consoles available globally for the November 2006 launch with another 2 million entering the channel before the end of 2006. Those figures were then halved to just 2 million units globally for all of 2006. According to Sony's own figures, 1 million PS3s were shipped in the U.S. during 2006 with another 470,000 shipped in Japan. That puts Sony 530,000 units short for 2006.

Sony does appear to be making up for some lost ground, however, as it announced today that it has now crossed the 1 million units shipped mark in Japan.

Nomura reports that for the fiscal quarter ending in March, PS3 shipments will total 4.5 million units instead of Sony’s forecast of 6 million units. For the next two fiscal years, Nomura is cutting its PS3 sales forecasts from 16 million to 10 million and from 18 million to 11 million respectively.

In other news, Sony is expected to launch the PS3 in Europe on March 23 according to If you may recall, Sony delayed the launch of the PS3 in Europe because of component shortages.

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